Learn Tulu Script – Part 1

This video is recorded to introduce, Tulu Language, Tulunadu and Tulu Scripts. Tulu is one of the oldest Dravidian language recognized by linguists. This is our small effort to introduce Tulu script to native Tulu speakers as well to all Kannadiga’s and also to everyone in the world. Please send your comments, feedback to improve the quality in the upcoming video’s

Practice to Pronounce Tulu Vowels – ತುಳು ಸ್ವರಾಕ್ಷರಗಳು

Tulu Vowels – ತುಳು ಸ್ವರಕುಲು       
AAa I Ee U Oo R Rr
Play A Play Aa Play I Play Ee Play U Play Oo Play R Play Rr
E O Ai Au Am Aha
ಅ೦ ಅಃ
Play EPlay OPlay AiPlay AuPlay AmPlay Aha

Practice to Pronounce Tulu Consonants – ತುಳು ವ್ಯಂಜನಾಕ್ಷರಗಳು

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