Some Techniques to Handle a Classroom

Author: Srinagesh


Some techniques that can help

Handling a classroom of large students would be tough. Behavior pattern, understanding styles and comprehension levels of these students vary. Matching our presentation to match all these would be a challenging exercise. However, a few techniques can help us deal with this challenge.

1. Confidence. Enter the classroom with a body language oozing with confidence. If the students perceive you as a weak character, they would play games with you. You must communicate, with a strong verbal and body language that you are in charge of the class room.

2. Cast your glance all around the class room. Some may be playing with mobile, some may be drawing your picture and some may be chatting. If necessary, move nearer such students. Sometimes, you may stop talking and look steadily at those indulging in such acts. May be sometimes, seek “their permission” – if you have finished, may I resume my talk?-or may be, when you stop talking and keep looking at them, others around will caution them.

3. Never turn completely towards the board while writing on the board. This would prevent mischief makers throwing aero planes at you!

4. Never address the board! That is, while writing on the board, don’t talk while your eyes are on board. Best way is to give something for the students to think while you are writing on the board.

5. Avoid mannerisms. Repeating words or phrases like- OK? Right? You know? Etc.

6. Proper use of your hands to support your talk is essential. Don’t keep your hands in your pockets or cross arms or hold on to the table or other pieces of furniture.

7. Don’t keep referring to notes while handling a class. This gives a feeling that your knowledge level is inadequate. Sometimes, you may not have answer to a question. You might suggest they do some home work and come with the answer, without letting them know that you don’t know. Alternatively, you may admit that you had not given a thought to that question, but would now give because the question has propped up now. But remember to answer the question in the next class.

8. Never show partiality. Before judging collect full information.

Some of these will project you as a RESPECTED teacher.

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