Spandana – Event Report

Spandana Report

India has made laudable progress in increasing access to education and building a strong policy and planning framework for education. The next challenge is ensuring a quality education system which produces positive learning outcomes for all children in India. Estimates show that over 3 million children in the country are still out of school, and of those in school, civil society reports show that 53 percent are at least three years behind expected learning levels. 74 per cent students in government schools in Delhi are “not able to read”.

On Sept 3 2016, the Develop Schools along with WHEEL foundation and Swaraj Abhiyan hosted a seminar ’Spandana’ at Legislators Hall Bangalore, where 150 volunteers joined together to discuss about quality of primary education and healthcare system in Karnataka to come out with possible solutions which can be implemented for the Development of Government Schools and Hospitals in Karnataka.

Thanks to all the volunteers, mentors, coordinators, participants and chief guests for making this event very meaningful and successful. Participants include volunteers of Develop Schools team, members of WHEEL, Swaraj Abhiyan team, Children of Gowtham school, Namma Radio team.

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Chief Guests

Sri. Anna Vinaya Chandra – Former MLC, Government of Karnataka
Sri. D.H Shankara Murthy – Honorable Chairman, Karnataka Legislative Council
Sri. Chiranjiv Singh IAS (Retd.)

Presenters and Presentation Topics

1 Dr. Sandeep Samethadka Nayak – Healthcare beyond medical care
2 Mr. Girish Mudigere – Our views about how to improve government schools
3 Mrs. Poornima Dutt – Ground reality in government schools
4 Dr. Jayashree Ramesh – Understanding Health Care in a Constitutional Paradigm

Mentors and Mentoring Topics

1. Mr. Gururaj Paramesh – Current status of rural government schools in Karnataka
2. Dr. Smita Karpate – Depression and Suicide Prevention
3. Mr. CS Lalith Prasad – Role of Technology in Education
4. Mrs. Jyothi Rao – Sports and Recreation in Government Schools
5. Mr. Hemanth Sharma – Alzheimer’s Disease – Effect on society and care taker
6. Mr. M.S Murali Krishna – Dealing with the issue of environment
7. Mrs. R. Asha Viswanath – Importance of Primary Education
8. Mrs. Jayashree Ramesh – Autism Spectrum Disorders and Rotary India Literacy Mission (2 Topics)
9. Mr. Srinagesh – Bridge Between Children, Teachers and Parents
10. Dr. Sandeep Samethadka Nayak – Integrated Behavioral Model in Sanitation
11. Mr. Robert Rosario – Importance of Primary Education in Native Language.


Registration and Badge Distribution to all Volunteers and Participants
Smt.Manjula B V

Mr. Girish Mudigere

Screen/Projector & Agenda Prints
Mr. Girish Mudigere

Vote of Thanks
Dr. Sandeep Samethadka Nayak

Inauguration Preparation
Mrs. Poornima Dutt

Saplings for Guests
Mr. Shivaraj

Food and Refreshments Co-ordination
Mr. Gururaj Paramesh

Photography and Videography
Mr. Rakshith

Mike and Sound System Donated by
Mr. Surendra Poojari

Event Brochure Design and Badge Design
Mr. Yogish Kasargod
Mr. Amit

Event Brochure Printing
Mr. Hemanth Sharma

Mentor’s Name Board
Mrs. Jyothi Rao

Moderators & Consolidates the entire inputs from all the groups
Mrs. Poornima Mallesh
Mr. Rajesh

Masters of Ceremony
R J Mrs. Najma

Website and Online Registration of Volunteers
Mrs. Sunitha
Mr. Krishna Murthy

Master Coordinator, Digital Marketing, Website and Facebook Registration in Charge, Event Survey etc.
Mr. Yogish Kasargod

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