Meeting Minutes – Feb 26 2016

Direction to find Working Model

Members Attended: Kiran Kumar, Akhila Vidyasandra, Raju Aralimarad, Yogish Kasaragod, Girish Mudigere

  • Kiran Kumar: To have a working model that is inclusive of all the needs of a school. If we could take Akhila’s school and once she she comes up with the need analysis and the proper solutions, we would get a rough idea about the working model. We will also understand the difficulties and the way she dealt it to drive the Program. We should also involve youngsters locally for a long term intervention programs where they are assigned with specific tasks and it is monitored

  • Akhila Vidyasandra: Local teams work with respective teaching staff might be a good model. Gajanan’s school came out with good success. Moral, innovative and informative ideas. Few Schools in that area have come up well, few did not. We need to work on that. Success model can be good guideline

  • Raju Aralimarad: Since team members are not in one geography we are facing difficulties to define focus and direction

  • Yogish Kasaragod: Let us not wait for all inputs to come together and merge. Let’s understand with available inputs and let’s try to implement in 2 to 3 Schools.

  • Girish Mudigere: If we take up three schools from bottom, Gajanan and similar teachers would feel bad. We need to support each and very interested Teacher/Volunteer and try to elevate respective Schools to next higher level. Let’s take up all possible Schools and encourage to incorporate various ideas being discussed to improve. Let’s connect each Teacher/Volunteer/School with others and various ideas. In one year we would know who all are really focusing on development of Schools at their vicinity. Thereby we can come out with a good working model to copy in 49000 Schools.

  • Kiran: Rajendra Nagar Slum through Sarva Shikshana Abhiyana (SSA), also Ex MLA’s sponsored program is coming up very well. Makala Mane program is coming out very well. Local people, teachers and authorities are coming near and joining Hands. Few are very aggressive and few do not. The above is a lesson for all of us. Bhumi Gowda, Gowri Biddanna are very involved in such programs.

  • Akhila Vidyasandra: Kerala model seems very good. 50% Local syllabus on rains, Geography, languages etc. along with approval from central. Central board add their parts to complete syllabus. This seems to be good syllabus.

    Discussion on Model High School Website

  • Akhila Vidyasandra: Karnataka list for Model High School website is being finalized. Also we discussed on Scholarship website. Primary till 12th, many not even aware of these scholarships and money gets un utilized and goes back.

  • Kiran/Akhila Vidyasandra: Gajanan needs projector etc., School is beautifully brought up, but building is very old. Needs new building. Gajanan School might get projector and other needs from Dharmasthala Project.

  • Kiran: Oracle (Dinesh Bellur) through CSR is already doing lots of projects along with Rotary volunteers in and around Theerthahalli area from last 2 to 3 years. They give a dongle with required data and projector. Bosch is trying to network 148 BBMP Bruhath Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike Schools through satellite connectivity to teach. Subject matter experts will handle such presentations.

  • Yogish Kasargod: Need to collect more points on above.

    Guidelines, Expectations, Clarity for Team’s Direction, Contributor to Groups

  • Raju Aralimarad: Narasimha Prabhu is trying to provide school starter kits to needy students. School Starter Kits will be given to 5 needy students in each school to start with, may be in the beginning of next academic year (In June 2016). Raju wishes to work very closely on this project too. Prabhu is working closely with Obalappa too to find needy students and also to stitch uniforms.

  • Akhila Vidyasandra: Going to meet Kimmane Ratnakar, Primary Education Minister of Karnataka.

    Follow Up: Akhila met Primary Education Minister Kimmane Ratnakar for the school building and got positive response. Akhila is motivating panchayath people for the nutrition program. Akhila’s efforts with team (SDMC) might result in breakfast, protein rich food, and some infrastructure projects to schools.
    Devanoor Mahadev and similar people also involved and might give good results.

  • Kiran/Akhila/Yogish: If we start and maintain a suggestion and comment box. We may get innovative, practical ideas too.

    Next Meeting

    On need basis we shall decide instead of regular weekly meeting

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