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1Girish Mudigere: We need everyone in the team
unless they decide to go away, but we request none to leave the group.
We respect everyone values.
We request not to post topics other than Schools
Even if in case topic out of Schools is posted,
I sincerely request all of you, not to respond.
Let's focus on improving Public / Government Schools
1YWe respect everyone valuesProgressingPlease add
2Yogish: Once we decide the meeting time we can setup meeting reminder
Akhila, Kiran, Girish, Raju and Yogish agreed to meet on Sunday at 8:00 AM India time
4Skype ID's:
Girish Mudigere: girish.s.mudigere
Yogish: yogish_skype
Prabhu: hn.prabhu
Kiran Kumar: Kiraniice
Akhila Vidyasandra: akhilaw1
Raju Aralimarad: raju.aralimarad5
5Akhila Vidyasandra: Prioritise the issues /work. So please go through all the listed issues once before the call.
6Yogish: I prefer #3 and #4 to be prioritized
We have a group of 25 volunteers now.
How do we identify their expertise to give some roles to help to develop the schools ?
I think we should discuss to mobilize our
volunteers experiences in to actions
Girish Mudigere: V true and important
7Yogish: For ex, Girish mentioned that Ramya can give classes using Skype.
Similarly we have to find strength of remaining volunteers and start in to actions, I think
8Mutturaju Mandya: ಕೆ.ಆರ್ಪೇಟೆKVSವಿದ್ಯಾರ್ಥಿಗಳಿಂದಸರ್ಕಾರಿಶಾಲೆಉಳಿಸಿಅಭಿಯಾನ.ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ27ರಎಸ್.ಡಿ.ಎಂ.ಸಿಸಮಾವೇಶಕ್ಕೆ
9Chandrakant Acharya: YCN saar, for reaching higher number of donors let
blood requests be in English otherwise Kannada is fine!!!
10Ittigi Harish Kumar: ಒಂದುಮೊಬೈಲ್ಅಪ್ಲಿಕೇಶನ್ಸಹರೆಡಿಮಾಡಿ.ಇದುಬೆಳವಣಿಗೆಗೆಸುಗಮದಾರಿ
11Panchappa: Mr Arun kumar what did you understand about our group?
Save Kannada school and Develop Kannada school
12Girish Mudigere: No Sir, Save And improve Government/Public Schools
13Girish Mudigere added Manje Gowda
Kiran Kumar added MUST Kashi
Girish Mudigere added MUST Chetan
14Manje Gowda: Manje Gowda born and raised in a small village of Hassan District
of Karnataka. I did my lower primary school in government school in my village.
KACHENAHALLI. I don't have any prior experience in social services but I do have lot of interest in
contributing for our schools development. Thanks for adding me to the group. I will try my best.
I do apologize for my delayed response due to my busy work schedule.
15Girish Mudigere: We try to collect all points discussed here and systematically save in website.
Future we are trying to avoid duplicate discussion.Currently we are planning to
utilize our volunteers help to implement few action items in schools
16Kiran Kumar: I have added Samanvaya Kashi to the group.
He lives in SHIMOGA, works in shimoga DC's office and has been running an NGO
called Samanvaya for the last 8 years.
A community development expert who has mobilized around 5000 youth so far
for the voluntary contribution to the society.
Through Samanvaya he conducts Jnana Daana Datti in government schools
in SHIMOGA district.
Please welcome Kashi.
17Girish Mudigere: We need your inputs. How we all can improve government schools.
Money, material,teachers, resources doesn't seems to be real problems in current status of government schools
18Yogish: Hi Girish and All please request all of your friends to like our Facebook page.
I think you have huge friends in Facebook contact. If each of you can make 10% of your friends to like our Facebook page it will become popular.
It will improve the search in Google. May be ask 10% of your friends every week
19Girish Mudigere: Only you Akhila and Raju helping on documents,website.
I am looking forward for help from few on this.
Huge work is pending. I understand many may be busy, some difficult in English language,
but I sincerely request who can spare 30 minutes in two three days
20Yogish: Girish, I think Raju and Akhila's help should be enough for website and data collection.
I have to compile another 300 points. That can be done by this weekend.
I think we need more volunteers to help teachers at school or for other physical activities
like breakfast drive, helping in schools etc
21Yogish: We need to request our 25 volunteers to start working on each objectives depending upon their skill/strength or expertise.
For ex, Akhila is driving breakfast program.
Raju and Akhila are collecting/compiling the data. Some volunteers can start driving additional teaching program during their free time
where there students to teachers ratio is more than 25-30.
Prabhu is visiting nearby schools in Bangalore
22Raju Aralimarad: I m in Bangalore so where this Prabhu staying cecause I can join him.
Yogish: I will let you know soon after talking to Prabhu.
Who can help for these if we decide to drive.
23Yogish: Following are few items from #4
4. Extracurricular activities, awareness in schools:
4.1 Include sports, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, yoga, meditation, karate, art, craft, debate n kitchen garden.
4.2 Improve reading habits, story/essay writing skills
4.3 Focus more on science projects and allow students to innovate new ideas/products
4.4 Presentation and leadership skills
4.5 Foreign language skills such as Spanish, Japanese, German, French or Mandarin - we can drop this for time being
4.6 Earthquake and fire drill for every 6 months.
4.7 Train children to stay away from strangers and awareness about ‘sexual harassment’
4.8 Teach traffic rules
4.9 Awareness about pollution, cleanliness, green/renewable energy and to protect the environment/nature.
4.10 Swimming

24We don't need money, material to drive these, but volunteers need some skills and free time to give training.
25Yogish: We can involve mainly homemakers (who are qualified) to help in teaching to kids
for their regular subjects if there are shortage of teachers. Someone has to drive this to mobilize
26Nagesh TK: Yes we are focusing on students skill in this program like dance ,drama ,craft, speech
27Yogish: Also we can involve them for spoken English classes wherever it is required.
I think we can drive theses 2 very soon.
28Yogish: Yes, it may be a long list. But this is regular things taught in American schools
with some parents participation. Some of them are after hours school program (karate, yoga etc)
29Girish Mudigere: Lets take their easiest possible task by each volunteer
30Girish Mudigere: Yogish,Raju or Nagesh, can you collect relevant details for website from all including Rakesh, Manje Gowda, and Kashi
31Girish Mudigere: Raju, or others, please help to find names and small introduction of above numbers.
I will avoid Yogish, because.he is required to focus on website and volunteers drive
32Girish Mudigere: New individuals to help me, you, Yogish, Kiran, Nagesh are coming up, lets encourage all
33Girish Mudigere: Raju, important task: .build five persons team for this task so that one can finish as early possible
We need five persons to do tasks you are doing for team
Can you identify them, other than Yogish and Nagesh
34Manje Gowda Savitha: I would like to talk to Raju. Raju Sir send me separate msg do can call your number to discuss some of my questions.?
35Harshiya Banu: Kshamisi samayada biduvina korate iruvudarinda hechchu involve aglokke sadhyavagta
illa Nimmellara yojanegalannu gamanisuttiddene. Bahala santhoshavaguttide
Illiruva ellaru bhavya bhavishyad kanasannu hottavaru aadashtu bega nanasu maduvalli saagona
36Girish Mudigere: Harshiya, .everyone is busy. Taalme Bahala mukhya.. Wait maadale beku.
37Welcome Mr Chetan, volunteer to help in future
38Chaya Chandra Acharya: Sir i am too busy in correcting answer paper and one good news is that
i selected 4 slow learners to perform 5 minutes skit for their school day.
Too busy.Saturday i am free i have lot of ideas to improve
39Girish Mudigere: Actually that is part of our Main project, you are doing before us, also many teachers, volunteers here too are already executing We are just trying to connect well - Thank you
40Girish Mudigere: As per survey in any group average 10% members usually are active.
To improve number of active members we have to increase number of persons in the group.
Currently 66 persons in the group, more than 6 are active. Which is good
We increase to 256 shortly, need help to identify similar persons who are interested in improvement of government schools
41Yogish: Do we think that we need to be active in other social media too like google plus, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn.
I will check if same name is available. If yes, I will register (before someone else taking the name), but we don't have to be active there.
I think we need a YouTube channel to upload educational materials,
school activities, online classes or any school related videos.
Because this will improve our presence in online.
Only YouTube channel, but no other social media I guess.
42Girish Mudigere: Excellent idea. Kindly go forward Yogish. We always better to take opinion of team, but the above sound good direction3YRegisteredDonePlease add

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