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1Usha Raji: Physical division of India is abstract concept to  fifth class.
When I showed this they grasped easily

5YPlease add
2Yogish: I think we can superimpose Kannada audio for the video 'physical division of India'
and then present it to Kannada medium schools as Chetan suggested.

Chetan: Yes. That would be super effective!!! Any expert in media area? Dealing with voice and videos?
3Chetan: Request group members to add their names in whtsup profile to know who is commenting/ contributing.

Yogish: Chetan, may be you are the right person for audio/video contribution

Chetan: I'm the right person with NO skills in that area. I can help with translations though!! Technical knowledge needed
4Usha: Yes its (Translating videos) very necessity to govt school pupils
5Rakesh Gowda: Nannadhondhu sanna salahe. .Yellaru awr bagge introduce madkotre yarge yen skills idhe .. avarige
yava kelasa suuktha annodhrumel  workout madboudhu ansuthe agene hosabarige  obrugobru gothaguthe
6Chetan: Does everyone know Kannada in this group?

Rakesh Gowda: I don think so, Only some r there
7Rakesh Gowda: Am Rakesh done diploma in civil Eng. Now I left the job and took a residential building contract

and am running a school in my native in my brother's name in Hassan since 1992. It is Kannada medium school.
8Chetan: Girish - May be it's a good idea to capture all the topics / ideas. Otherwise discussions will be lost!!!

Girish Mudigere: Yes Sir. All points are captured,  cleaned and given to Mr Raju,
he converts into Excel format and Yogish is nicely categorizing and presenting in website. I need help in cleaning and listing points
Appreciate if anyone helps me daily basis, I can explain best possible methods I know.
9Girish Mudigere: 27 teachers already doing excellent job, volunteers ready to volunteer , we need this to happen more
Also add persons interested in our core values to join this team so that more volunteers available to help
10Chaya Chandra Acharya: I can teach using Skype. I got 4 computer in my school. Anyone can help me to do internet connection and i can ask volunteer to teach my children online. I am going weekly 3 days and teaching. I can teach maths and english (online and offline ) both
11Sir my main concern is volunteer. Atleast we can capture children who go to private school (in summer holiday ) to help government school children
12Rakesh Gowda: As i I have seen govt school children are not much eligible to take computer and learn through online.
Better option is to teach them offline i think. Sorry if i am wrong
13Chaya Chandra Acharya: Yes, I agree with you. But when i tried it some 3 to 4 (out of 25) children gave good response,
then all the children want to learn through it. Sir positive air gives good result.
14In my 7 years of teaching learning experience every now and then changing the methods of
teaching yields interest in children, that is what we should do
15Chaya Chandra Acharya: To get money i work 4 a tuition center. I prepare question paper, prepare quiz, correct and analyse the answer paper.
This is only half a day. Morning weekly 3 days i go to govt school and try to spend time with children and teach mainly small English skit. My son prepares it.
Evening 3 days a week I go to orphanage and teach maths exclusively.
Under the scheme of CSR i am presently trying to help infrastructure part of school. I did my b.ed recently at 45 year of age. I want to do a lot to society
My main motto is i should enjoy teaching and in turn children that's it
16Narasimha Prabhu: I stay in HSR layout,  Bangalore.  I am working on a project for providing an enabler kit to government school kids
The enabler kit would include a bag,  note books,  uniform etc,  talking to schools.
If anyone is interested,  you can call me or drop a message,  I need help in identifying the schools
17Chaya Chandra Acharya: Prabhu sir whether school should give money for kit.
Narasimha Prabhu MCE: No,  we are not expecting money from schools.
18Chaya Chandra Acharya: Ok. We do admission through out the year.
So we need to buy every now and then bag , books to children. That's why i am asking
19Narasimha Prabhu: One more point,  I am not actively tracking the discussions in this thread,  you may find me not responding some time.
If you want my attention, you may need to send me one to one message,  thanks
20Raju Aralimarad: I m there in near east end circle sir so I will join with you

Rakesh Gowda: I also. I stay in yelahanka
21Chaya Chandra Acharya: Can anyone come to r t nagar, Bangalore on sunday
22Yogish: Great!. Volunteers are coming forward. Now Chaya and Ramya are ready to take classes using Skype.
Thank you Prabhu for your initiative
Thank you Raju and Rakesh for volunteering to help Prabhu
23Raju Aralimarad: Chaya madam, is there anything on Sunday. I m going to old age home on Sunday
24Chaya Chandra Acharya: Yes sir i want volunteer for Sunday. I work for orphanage which has 25 girl children. 
Sunday about an hour any one can come and teach them anything. Recently Sudha Murthy donated keyboard but i do not have teacher.
25Akhila Vidyasandra: Let me see if possible, I would love to accompany you

Chaya Chandra Acharya: Sure mam. You pleas tell me when you are free, i will call you

Akhila Vidyasandra: Tomorrow by 10.30 , is it okay for you Chayaji?
26Yogish: It would be nice if you have have ready made slides or video to teach using Skype.
It will be faster to teach and learn using audio visuals. You can play the slides/video and pause to have question/answer session.
27Chaya Chandra Acharya: I have designed the worksheets for each and every topic in maths
28Yogish: Just added math section in our YouTube channel from subscription contents, mainly related to math.
Please suggest me if you know great math contents, especially the playlist or channels dedicated to only math so that I can create a math section for now.
Let's use this as our resource until we upload our own contents.,
Here is our YouTube channel: channel
29Yogish: Please note that contents are not mine. These are subscribed contents, I just categorized.
Teachers can help to create math contents in Kannada since we have lots of online content in English, but not in our local languages. Appreciate your help.
30Yogish: Believe me, we will be the #1 group if we create math or any study materials in Kannada and upload in to YouTube channel. I did not find lots of study resources in YouTube or in Internet,  especially in Kannada.
31Akhila Vidyasandra: Chaya ji , Mr. Prabhu  and Raju excellent initiative.
32Akhila Vidyasandra: Added +91 9972400996 Hemanth
Hemanth: Namaste, I am Hemanth, working as Head of Social Initiatives with Landmark Group in India. Thanks for adding me to the 'Develop Schools' group Akhila
33Yogish: Our Facebook page like is reached to 119 in less than 2 weeks.
Akhila Vidyasandra: Today I had invited most of my friends in to Facebook.
Please add
34Girish Mudigere: Can someone help to convert above to Excel. I am unable to follow steps....sorry

Girish Mudigere: Can someone help to convert above to Excel. I am unable to follow steps....sorry
35Yogish: I just compiled 100 points as few groups, please check. Please check latest post in our web site.
Yogish: I will try to finish all 400 points by tonight
36Krishna Prasad: Dear All if agreed shall we discuss few points a day and swing into action rather than reviewing all the point as a proposal...I don't know about all other learned people here i am getting confused, my hardisk\ ROM is limited.

Girish Mudigere: I agree KP..lets focus and act
37Yogish: Let's swing in to action of taking one point at a time. You can choose any one major topic and suggest the solution, and then to action
38Kiran Kumar: I feel we should involve in designing a module keeping one school in Mind that addresses the issues particular to that school. A module that covers all elements:
1. Infrastructure
2. Support
3. Academics
4. Enhancement of the school in to a model school

And then getting into action would be a good move.

Yogish: Yes, I agree Kiran. Great idea.
39Yogish: I think we can select big item # 4 because we got more comments and suggestion for that one. Also it is mostly non material based.
40Girish Mudigere: Question is.....all our teachers here need to be motivated supported encouraged .....if we take one school .....others importance is predominant.
Also our volunteers are in different places. Time frame?
41Kiran Kumar: Agreed. One school because the model needs to be established. Once we have a model in place, then the same can be replicated in other schools.

Let that model be dynamic enough to include individual schools' issues
42Kiran Kumar: Okay. Let me propose this. As Akhila has started her discussions with the SDMC of one school, let's keep that as a working model to complete the way in which the group can enhance the public school.
43Kiran: Let us provide all support to her and she can execute. We will also know what can work and what can't through her inputs.

Let the model have all the parameters: from infrastructure to intellectual development of students. A solution can be derived with her experience of dealing this act with one school.
44Girish Mudigere: My input Kiran:

May be I am wrong

But....lets parallel keep following development of each school where our teachers and volunteers are located

All common volunteers visit few schools

One school might come up as super model in three years
45Kiran Kumar: Considering a few facts: we are in Feb second half and march is a month of examinations. April10 - may end is summer holidays. There is not much volunteers could do now. Where ever the help or support is needed, we can do it. We can utilize this time to evolve the model.
46Yogish: I think I agree with Kiran and Girish. Akhila is already did good progress by contacting the gram panchayath for morning breakfast and we can keep that one running while working on other topics. Who knows she may come up with great solution for morning breakfast from panchayath. In that case we don't have to involve much in that activity.
47Girish Mudigere: During Vocation, We decorate, clean, beautify schools during vocation ....through all of us
48Girish Mudigere: KP and all....lets discuss on our working model toda
49Nagesh TK: I am doing one program for school, ಸಮುದಾಯ ಸಹಭಾಗಿತ್ವ, so swalpa busy astte
50Yogish: Go to and type any topic, for example Kerala or Mangalore or Bangalore or any essay topic. A blank text page will appear. Then hit any keys and continue to hit any keys......see what happens. My son showed this today. I think these type of online tools will kill kids innovation.
511. To approach panchayaths in other clusters as March is coming n budget discussions are on. (But it is not confirmed yet what time these suppliments will be given as in our schools milk is being given on alternative mornings, so the bananas, mixed kaalu usali, eggs, fruits, veg salads. ... can even be given in the evening before they start to home. )
52Akhila Vidyasandra: 2. Need to create awareness among
SDMCS , Panchayaths n teachers on this issue, hence preparation is must. So whoever is approaching them read Panchayath raj act for the roles n responsibilities of president and standing committees, RTE n take nutrition ppt too.
53Akhila Vidyasandra: I am waiting for the PPT please someone help me.
54Krishna Prasad: I am introducing Rohith to the group...he is a mechanical software engineer working at ESI and a prominent member in IT Milan cell at Bangalore......He has been volunteer, devotee donor to Sharada Devi Andhara Vikasa Kendra, and also have hands on experience working with NGOs
55Kiran Kumar: Hi prashanth, I spoke to Renuka and she said she has found a person to support her.
I have informed her that invade she requires any other support she could reach me.

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