Groupwise Discussions

1. How to avoid school dropouts

No Detention policy under RTE Act to avoid school dropouts is already in place, but not enough to retain students

Positives and negatives of No Detention policy.

Some don’t attend exams due to No Detention policy

Private schools have focus to avoid school dropouts by bridging fast learners and others. Govt schools too should have similar focus

Now, in govt schools, they teach English from 1st standard itself. Many people do not know about this development. Spread awareness of English teaching. This may boost the enrollment in govt schools if parents think that their children don’t get English knowledge if enrolled in govt schools

Suggested Solutions:

Please suggest

2. School infrastructure

Clean drinking water

Enough toilets in schools with separate toilets for boys, girls and staff.

Individual room for every class, staff room and for admin

Separate kitchen

Adequate chairs/benches and desks for every class including staff.

Good school library with enough books.

Good school playground

Fence or compound wall for entire school

School hall/auditorium for all the kids to sit.

Black boards or white boards in every class room

At least one overhead projector per school

At least 5 computers in every class room or at least a computer lab

High speed internet with WiFi in every school

Ceiling fan in every class rooms

School garden

24 hour power supply

CCTV camera

Extra stuffs/facility:

Electric oven and Refrigerators in kitchen

Emergency kit in every class room.

Bus facility to schools in villages

Indoor games facility

Swimming pool

Suggested Solutions:

Please suggest

3. Malnutrition, Mid-day meal and Breakfast

Malnutrition of food given to students, may be mid day meal is not enough

Do we need to provide breakfast to students in govt schools?

Do we need to provide 2 snacks to students in govt schools?

Sreenivasan Mandya: I feel unless we people join hands nothing will be successful Iskon and adamya chetana is doing it, but coolies, auto drivers n hawkers still do not get food sufficiently. Heard a rajasthani association is doing it. Daily they distribute 200 food packets. We will ask our friend and inform

Girish Mudigere: None should be hungry in any school and surrounding

Krishna Prasad: Sir its a great idea already states like Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil nadu govt itself is providing free food for school kids, in Karnataka Rs 1/kg and 30 kg a month is given to the BPL card holders. In Punjab too same system is there, UP has come up with fruit packages

Suggested Solutions:

Akhila suggested to provide Egg, Banana and Milk for morning breakfast. Akhila is already exploring the options to provide breakfast through Grama Panchayath.

4. Students to Teachers Ratio, Training to Teachers

Shortage of teachers, no teachers recruited by govt from past 8 years. Therefore Students to teachers’ ratio is very high.

As per Rajendra teacher 100+ students from class 1 to 7, but only 2 regular and 2 temporary teachers are available – School please ?.

As per Usha teacher: I am single teacher for all classes from class 1 to 5 – School please ?

More than 25 students per teacher will make it difficult to offer individual attention or extra care to slow learners

Teachers are not really paid well compare to the cost of living in India as on today. We need to think on this line as the teachers are concentrating on other fields also simultaneously to earn a ‘decent’ money to have a ‘decent’ life in the present scenario. The contract based teachers are paid very less. Hence they can’t focus on best teaching methods which they are supposed to be prepared with before going into the class.

Even the statistics on enrollment is also not realistic. The construction workers children, migrants children, BPL children, most of the tribal children whose communities are on move, (nomad communities ) Many slum children are still out on streets and working as child labors

More non-teaching or admin work than teaching work including midday meal administration. Head Masters has to do lots of administration work

No one ask how teachers are teaching in classrooms with existing low infrastructure and with new syllabus without training. Officials just check only records

Talented teachers are selected in 2001, but some teachers not able to teach new syllabus, new subjects or due to lack of teachers knowledge/training. Teachers who are selected in Common Entrance Test (CET) too are struggling to teach.

Quality of teaching in govt schools are affected due to above reasons, but government is not taking action to solve the issues.

Suggested Solutions:

First visit government schools – Panchappa

Government Schools need emotional support than anything else, lets try that on priority

Do we need training for teachers for new syllabus and how?

Govt must provide subject wise teacher and class-wise rooms

Can Volunteers help as teachers ?

Using distance learning

Learning Management Scheme(LMS) and projectors with the help of high speed internet at schools?

Skype or similar teaching mechanism from distance using electronic media or using new technology?

Private school should be given a task in every year to do a social project/service during their free time or summer vacation to help few government school kids and vice versa

Can we have regular parents meeting & if possible parents involvement ?

Girish: Let us develop government schools such that people automatically come to admit. We are not against private schools now. We may have to form smaller teams, small steps, big impacts or some meaningful initiatives in a few schools

Akhila: Our mission can be like; develop public schools and provide best education to all the children. To produce sensitive and sensible intellectual people through the best public education to establish peaceful society.

Chaya Chandra Acharya: I recently visited my old bank and they are allocating lot of funds to to government school development. We have to explore it and proceed systematically.

Dyavanoor Manjunath: Though dsme direction we all are moving, we may get down in different places. Let’s us go together cordially.

Harshiya Banu: Let’s list all the existing facilities in government schools

Open Minds School model by Kiran :

100% free quality education, Eradicate childhood labor

If many accept Open Minds Schools are best, implement the same in at least 5% government schools

Kiran: I feel Mr Girish’s dream requires 3 basic factors:
1. Physical infrastructure at the schools

2. Material or emotional support to students

3. The training for both Teachers and students.

My suggestion to the group is that if we can adopt one school and bring in all these into that school, we can make one school a model school to begin with. That can be replicated to other schools with a plan later. Lets choose one school as Model through our team. Replicate other Schools later

Girish: With the resourceful persons here and their contacts, I feel we come up with a plan for all 49000+ government schools in Karnataka and outside too. Once we have plan in place, lets take help of volunteers to execute to improve few schools in next 5 years

Ravi Raj and Signa: We had Mr.Pradeep teaching at CIT Gubbi and he is ready to help schools and colleges (He avoids Facebook/whatsapp). An article has been published on above village living although he has IIT degreeಚಳವಳಿಯಜ್ಞಾನ-ಸಿಜ್ಞಾ

Ittigi Harish Kumar: Drive away politics in schools. Unity and oneness to be brought in kids

Chaya Chandra Acharya: My idea is govt school children should be exposed to outside world a lot along with learning and should be avoided they become a social evil

Ittigi Harish Kumar: Drive away politics in schools.

Chaya Chandra Acharya: My idea is govt school children should be exposed to outside world a lot along with learning and should be avoided they become a social evil

Sujatha: some inputs
It covers all main subjects from kindergarten to college majors. Funded by Microsoft If Internet cannot be provided, there are kits that can be purchased and viewed on tv. The quality is superior ivy league level
And the order is well planned. Even computer programming is available, Finance subjects are included Biology, biochem It starts with K to college degree GATE, SAT are also included It is superior. My daughter got near perfect score just by doing SAT. Offline version of khan academy is Https:// Once you download, no Internet is required Khan Academy lite is open source software that mimics the online experience of khan academy.
For offline situations: If you run ka lite on a local server, you can watch videos, do khan exercises, track students progress All without needing internet

Chaya: Read Tottochan Book

Akhila: Working with the government schools for quite a long time, lots of discussions and
interactions with more experienced educational experts.

Teaching to Teachers/ Training : Chandrakant, Dr Mani(He is not in this group now)

Teaching to Students: Chaya, Bhavya Volunteers ready to teach through Skype or from distance using electronic media.

Electronic Media: Mrs Ramya( not in thus group now) Above are not appointed teachers

Panchappa: Teachers willing to help during non working hours to teach others RaviRaj , Chandrakanth, Yogish, Mallika and others also appreciated above

Girish: Lets take some action items
Example : Spectacle camp by Mr Krishna Prasad Teacher
Training : Chandrakant Acharya Sir
Bank: Mrs Chaya for its CSR activists(Not responsible, some direction only)
We shall list top 5 items and open it for elaborate discussion for possible solutions and action items

Yogish MCE: One suggestion: many of you sent Facebook url’s or educational related website, articles etc. I will create a new menu in our site to add these links for our future reference. Please let me know your comments Shivraj Gulsaram: @Girish sir every pilot area our department handle science program like mobile lab programs for high school students only to promote science and technology.

Girish Mudigere: Resource person for Science and Technology and moral support and limited aid.

Shivraj Gulsaram: It is high schools syllabus based experiments 8,9 &10th totally covered 200+ science experiment. With partnership with Agastya international foundation

Panchappa: Can you support send those people to our village?

Akhila: Working with the government schools for quite a long time, lots of discussions and interactions with

5. Extracurricular activities in schools

Includes sports, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, yoga, meditation, karate, art, craft, debate n kitchen garden.

Improve reading habits, story/essay writing skills

Focus more on science projects and allow students to innovate new ideas/products

Presentation and leadership skills

Foreign language skills such as Spanish, Japanese, German, French or Mandarin

Earthquake and fire drill for every 6 months.

Train children to stay away from strangers and also teach them about ‘How to avoid sexual harassment’

Teach traffic rules

Awareness about pollution, cleanliness, green/renewable energy and to protect the environment/nature.

6. Additional incentives to students apart from Mid day meal

Pairs of clothes for few students

Free bus passes or free bicycle to some students

Free pair of shoes and socks – May be Govt is already giving ?

Stationary, schools bags, note nooks, color pencils etc

Free eye glass to some students

Free health checkup every year

Suggested Solutions:

Students got one pair of Shoes 2 pairs Sacks through SDMC

I guess govt is already providing shoes to students ?

Eye sight problems seen in kids, need plans to address this
Krishna Prasad: I have seen in a govt school near Bandiyod Kerala every Saturday free eye checkup and provide them free spectacles. Next time next week will collect more details
Akhila Vidyasandra: We conduct medical camps with the help of a doctors group who are into social care services

7. Website/Social Media – Done. Please check and

Yogish: Let’s start a web site and put our objectives very clear, for better clarity

It’s better idea to keep group objectives ready. When new member ask our objectives you can just point our website

Yogish: Let’s list out following in out website:

6.1. Objectives – is very clear that we are helping the govt schools without collecting donations or fund. Only by connecting the needy schools

6.2. List of Our completed projects

6.3. Current projects

6.4. Future plans

6.5. List of schools that require help with contact person or teachers group of that school

6.6. We can start a simple site to put all these together in one place

6.7. We need to find out good domain name before we start, then I will register the domain name and host the site in few weeks.

6.8. I will provide a skeleton of the website including menu etc. I need some help and/or teachers help to add more contents at later stage.

6.9. Also we can ask someone to create or suggest a logo for the site – Done.

6.10 Good news is that we got perfect Facebook page too for develop schools.
Facebook pageis

6.11 Gmail ID is already taken.

6.12 Moving forward please upload schools pictures at I can create photo albums of every school once you uploaded. So any school related picture uploaded will automatically appear in our website too. I will create an interface for this soon

6.13 Team, please provide your email or gmail give you admin role or If you are interested to contribute through administrator role. Let’s list out some of the volunteers name too who are ready to help schools in teaching during the weekend or during their free time.

6.14 Lets spread positives through Photos. If you permit we put photos in website

8. Volunteers Help

Please let us know how volunteers can help ?

Suggested Solutions:

Please suggest:
8.1 Akhila is driving morning breakfast program with the help of Grama Panchayath and SDMC.

8.2 Raju Aralimarad is helping to get volunteers database who can help us various activities in schools.

8.3 Ramya is ready to take classes to children using Skype

8.4 Prabhu is visiting schools near Bangalore to know the requirements

8.5 Nagesh T Koppalu is planning to volunteer for extra curricular activities

9. Existing Help

ಶಾಲಾ ಮಕ್ಕಳ ತರಗತಿವಾರುಸಂಖ್ಯೆಯೊಂದಿಗೆ , ಪ್ರಧಾನ ಗುರುಗಳುಹಾಗೂ SDMCಅವರಿಂದ ಮನವಿ,ಬೇಡಿಕೆ ಪತ್ರವನ್ನು ಕಳುಹಿಸಿದರೆ ನಿಮ್ಮಶಾಲೆಗೆ ಊಟದ ತಟ್ಟೆ, ಲೋಟಗಳುದೊರೆಯುತ್ತವೆ.

ಶ್ರೀ ಆದಿಶಕ್ತ್ಯಾತ್ಮಕ ಅನ್ನಪೂರ್ಣೇಶ್ವರೀಅಮ್ಮನವರ ದೇವಸ್ಥಾನ
ಶ್ರೀ ಕ್ಷೇತ್ರ ಹೊರನಾಡು
ಅಂಚೆ – ಹೊರನಾಡಿನ
ಮೂಡಿಗೆರೆ- ತಾಲ್ಲೂಕು, ಚಿಕ್ಕಮಗಳೂರು, – ಜಿಲ್ಲೆ

Provide number of students per section, send a request letter through the Principal or Head Master and SDMC. Plates and glasses/tumblers are available.
Shree Adishakyatmaka Annapporneshwaree Temple
Shree Kshetra Horanadu
Post- Horanadu
Taluk- Mudigere, District – Chikkamagaluru

10. Some Success Story

Please share success stories of teachers or your schools. Need to get guidance of successful teachers/schools to help/motivate this team

Vimal K Nellyadi: All 49000 schools should be like Puttur or like Troy High School USA (Google for more details)×0-vTMdE2k – A government school in Puttur was renovated with modern touch. Need to spread Puttur School to inspire others

Madahalli School Model: Can someone do similar work in nearby schools? Madahalli school success goes to whom (couple)? Can we get their contact? We discuss with that couple and take ideas to implement in few schools

Government Lower Primary School at Hosanagara, Nireri Shivamogga is considered as one of the model School, pictures sent by Mr. Gajanan. Waste cup idea in school by Gajanan is appreciated by many. Everyone asking about the details of Gajanan, it will help rest of the schools to follow if he can give more details.

Akhila: Gajanan, please talk about the initial stage of your school. How did you get the inspiration? How did you bring the villagers /parents to the school?

Gajanan: Akhila, Yar est hottige barli. Nav tale kedskolalla yakandré, nav ast open agideve. Nav madtirod makligagi. Avridre ella tanagine agate

Samir Damle explained about Sullia School. Here is the link
We have primary school, which is a Kannada medium school set up with the intention of providing primary education in local language with which children can grasp maximum. High school is an English medium school.
Where we differ is in teaching methodology. We focus on more activity based learning and developing the inherent capabilities of children. I invite everyone to visit our school. Give your suggestions for improvement. Share your experiences with our teachers& children

Deepesh Tripati: RS 200 crore budget for fruits in mid-day meal by Uttar Pradesh Government

Panchappa: Visit other schools by iodine students. I decided to start LKG UKG School in a village. There we are ready to teach one day in a week

Private schools should be in the form of Gandhian schools or Rabindranath Tagore or JK schools and nonprofit able

Nagaraju by Akhila: He was the only teacher appointed to that school, it was his first appointment. There was just a shed in the name of school, he became so close to the whole village, the villagers took care of him like the son of the village. He in turn developed that school as one of the model school and every year he makes sure that some of his students pass the exam and join Murarji Desai School, or else kids have to travel at least 8-10 kms to join high school

Kiran: ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು: ಶಾಲೆ,ವಿದ್ಯಾರ್ಥಿಗಳು, ಶಿಕ್ಷಕರು ಮತ್ತುಶಿಕ್ಷಣಾಸಕ್ತರನ್ನು ಒಂದೇ ವೇದಿಕೆಗೆ ತರುವಮತ್ತು ಪರಸ್ಪರ ಸಂಪರ್ಕ ಕಲ್ಪಿಸುವ’ಎಲೆಕ್ಟ್ರಾನಿಕ್ ವೇದಿಕೆ’ ‘ಇ-ಪಾಠಶಾಲೆ’ಎಂಬ ಪೋರ್ಟಲ್ ಮತ್ತು ಆಪ್ ಅನ್ನುರಾಷ್ಟ್ರೀಯ ಶೈಕ್ಷಣಿಕ ಸಂಶೋಧನೆ ಮತ್ತುತರಬೇತಿ ಮಂಡಳಿ ಅಭಿವೃದ್ಧಿಪಡಿಸುತ್ತಿದೆ.ಎಲ್ಲ ರಾಜ್ಯಗಳ ಪ್ರಾಥಮಿಕ ಮತ್ತುಪ್ರೌಢಶಾಲೆಗಳ ಡಿಜಿಟಲ್ ಪಠ್ಯಪುಸ್ತಕಗಳು,ಡಿಜಿಟಲ್ ಲೈಬ್ರರಿ, ಇ-ಕೋರ್ಸ್ ಕೂಡಇದರಲ್ಲಿ ಲಭ್ಯವಿರುತ್ತದೆ. ಈ ನೂತನಪೋರ್ಟಲ್ ನಿರ್ಮಾಣ ಹಂತದಲ್ಲಿದ್ದು,ಈಗಾಗಲೇ ದೇಶಾದ್ಯಂತ 16 ಸಾವಿರಶಿಕ್ಷಕರು ನೋಂದಣಿ ಮಾಡಿಸಿಕೊಂಡಿದ್ದಾರೆ.ಕೆಲವೇ ವರ್ಷಗಳಲ್ಲಿ ಶಿಕ್ಷಣ ಕ್ಷೇತ್ರದಲ್ಲಿ ಇ-ಪಾಠಶಾಲೆ ಕ್ರಾಂತಿ ಸೃಷ್ಟಿಸುತ್ತದೆ ಎಂದುಎನ್ಸಿಇಆರ್ಟಿಯ ಕೇಂದ್ರೀಯ ಶೈಕ್ಷಣಿಕಸಂಸ್ಥೆ ಜಂಟಿ ನಿರ್ದೇಶಕ ಪ್ರೊ.

Kiran: When financial services professional Anubha Sharma quit her job three years ago and decided to do something for the society, she did not let constraints such as lack of space in Mumbai get in her way. Together with educationist Beenaa Advani, Sharma has managed to set up a volunteer-driven initiative, where classes for underprivileged children are held in gardens across the city.

Kiran: Imagine a youngster leaving the comforts of city life and moving to a village. What does he do there? In Abhijit Sinha’s case, he started a school. Not just any school, but a school without a teacher. “I worked with an IT company till I realized that the job wasn’t giving me any sort of satisfaction. There was an NGO called Jaaga which was moving to Banjarapalya, a village on the outskirts of Bengaluru, for a project. I moved with them. And that’s how Project DEFY (Design Education for Yourself) started,” says Abhijit. The NGO gave Abhijit a noom and a couple of computers to begin with.

Sreeharsha: He was Ex high commissioner to USA and SRILANKA PAAKISTHANI diplomat Ambassador HUSSAIN HAQUANI It is political discussion though

NAGESH: Visits Agasthya foundation schools and shows experiments there. BEO or DDPL should be approached sir ?
The first problem about children is not coming to school is because of parents ignorance and they think that education cannot change their children’s life.
What is the use if we cannot retain them and teach them basics. I think we failed to achieve the minimum

Vimal K Nelyadi: ‘Gubbachi speaking’

Yogish: Good program ‘Gubbachi Speaking’, Anyone tried Prakruthi N Banwasi’s Kannada to English speaking?. Full series is available in YouTube.

Yogish: In fact I downloaded the entire series in to USB drive to give to schools (to give video classes using projector ) where one of the school requested spoken English classes.
Unfortunately my trip to India was cancelled and I could not start this.

Yogish: too is very good. I guess it is mainly for college and university students. All courses are free. Founder is Anant Agarwal, he did his
schooling in St Aloysius college Mangalore.

Ravi Raj: visit this website for details on nali Kali playway method of learning: RaviRaj

Mallika Basavaraju: Santhosh Guddiyangadi is doing great Schools, we can try to add him and Kadashettyhalli Sathish

Chaya Chandra Acharya: Akila mam please read a book by name thotho chan translated to kannada by V Gayathri. My dream school

Harish: Also you can add to website
Girish Mudigere: It appears more poems. It may not be useful now for improvement of schools.Yogish Ji and team may have similar opinion. If so, we wont add within our website.

11. Misc

Quotations for purchases

Discipline ownership – Krishna Prasad ?

Religious killings might get stopped if quality of education brings humanity

Corruption may reduce and vanish through quality education

Merging this group with similar group – Nagesh Srinivas Gopal (Dropped the idea I guess)

Yogish is ready to fit water filter for one school in Bangalore through his friends Factory – Dropped now because school is already getting Kaveri water

S S L C Exam Improvements discussions

Good to know that some organizations and business people, social activists too joined our group which a big plus along with talented teachers

I think there should not be any hierarchy in this group

Marks should b allotted them, else,many don’t even take interest ?

Sources of corruption. Corruption starts from home? Greedy for items?, Election Process?

Money spent on Education through loans?

Bihar worm removal tablets, few students hospitalized
Government distributed tablets through Schools for stomach worms removal
Quality of volunteers. Volunteers has to to check the quality of worm tablets, we don’t know how?. Get tested by known sources before giving to students by volunteers help. Engage all helping Volunteer services by people NGOs, Money and material by Government/CSRs or places of worship

Respect teachers

Quality of Government School teachers are better. Those who can’t get government jobs become private school teachers

Soldier death and its solution through good quality education. Do we need to discuss how we can relate to improvement of education through government schools? Quality education and soldiers death is directly related topics

Let’s avoid loading too many photos, send photos directly to Yogish

Girish: Some members are leaving the group, may be many wants action than discussion. Impatience may destroy. Or divert the focus of team. How to find solutions? Discussion and action should go hand in hand, but how? How to build patience in team. Who will start implementation? Money may give few solutions, also money may spoil the purpose of focus. Without money do anyone start implementing any ideas? Can anyone come forward? If no, we continue with discussion now till anyone comes forward. Few left the group. I feel. 25% normally leaves groups for various reasons. Kiran: It’s all about individual priorities and we all respect their priorities.

Shriharsha was with Udayavaani and Ajith Prem Ji Foundation. From Theerthahalli and junior to Sri Ramakrishna Balashrama Krishnanna Mangaluru. He is asking whether we are contributing to Rural Schools. Since 8 years he contributed small amount of recently published books. He feels liberty culture is still premature, so he donates such books for that age group

Paintings by School kids: It might help in bringing countries together. Nagesh: Beautiful painting by talented kid. Girish: such talented kid can bring countries together

Krishna Prasad: I like to introduce Mr.Harish to the group he is working in delphi technical centre Bangalore.
He is mechanical engg and post graduate

Krishna Prasad: Harsha,in this group you can find teachers, headmasters, Engineers abroad and from India, Social Activists, Educationalists, Entrepreneurs etc with a noble cause. Small Efforts to enable big changes

Vani Sandeep: Me and Chandrashekhar Damle sir(Sameer Sir Father) shared the stage in Delhi Karnataka Sangha.

Sreenivasan Mandya: My native is Srirangapatna, Mandya dist, currently living in Dar es Salaam working in a co as operations head. I want to share my idea too to improve Society, which I have been thinking for sometime without knowing how to begin supplying quality low priced food chains to hawkers, poorest of the poor at affordable cost. A small beginning has to happen. We need like minded people. Presently I am involved in a school run by my friends in Srirangapatna affiliated to seva bharathi. What is the use of two/three photos fpr few days?

Sriharsha Hegde: School enrollment statistics in south Asia:
Bangladesh 96%
Sri Lanka 95%
India 93%
Maldives 92%
Nepal 88%
Burma 83%
Bhutan 89%
Pakistan 58%
Afghanistan 23%
We are better, but not best
8% of children are not going to school and 4% are Street children.
1% is the school dropout statistics.
We are 75% educated. Other 25% should be covered on next quarter of a year.

Prashanth: Needs Scribe to write exams for blind in March end

Chaya : If school is near to Bangalore I will also help. Please let me know

Kiran Kumar: Great Ms. Chaya. With my experience of 18+ years with school students, it is my humble request that if one can’t give at least three month’s intervention by taking out your time on a daily basis, things don’t work. One or two days training won’t serve any purpose other than wasting time of all.

Chaya Chandra Acharya: The Karnataka government has done a lot to train teacher. But they want some one should take care them in house.

Chaya Chandra Acharya: My school name is RT Nagar Govt School, in Bangalore. Entering into the school is Hercules job. We have to prove ourselves a lot. One thing is very true CHALK and TALK yield only 20 percent result

Chaya Chandra Acharya: We also have to take out from the student mind Rajani Kant, Puneet, Darshan at least when class r being taken

Chaya: Saturday and Sunday is holiday for me. By sharing my knowledge I can help

Chaya Chandra Acharya: Madam u r most welcome on Saturday and Sunday. My children will be wasting their time in front of TV. This Saturday and Sunday am out of station,next Saturday I will call you

Chaya Chandra Acharya: My e-mail We can try to incorporate the ideology of Giddu Krishnamurthy

Chaya Chandra Acharya: One thing i want to tell u, i may be harsh we have studied in school where proper building was not there. Teachers were really encouraging us. No bathroom, no desk , no bench. Infrastructure may improve student condition physically but making them to learn teachers should be highly dedicated. We divide ourselves into 3 to 4 group and use different method to teach and the experience

Prashanth: Going to distribute to 300+ government school kids, now. I belong to Bangalore. Doing this event today at T Narasipura. People nearby can join us.

Girish Mudigere: Mahesh T Narasipura contacts given to Mr Prashant

Suggested Solutions:

Please suggest

12. Top Concerns of the Schools

Yogish MCE: For me the school dropout is the biggest concern. May be the same reason is for the reason for high number of dropout. The school dropout scenario in India is “extremely high” as over 80 million children are not completing the full cycle of elementary education, while eight million are out of school over a period of years, according to UNICEF.

Sreeharsha: Minimum education must be tenth

Chaya Chandra Acharya: I actually go and teach to the students who r orphans. School is providing mid day meal. So there basic things r met by school and orphanage. Out of 25 children 5 children r good but rest r below below average. I started improving them 1. First try to understand their level by giving 1st std maths problem, English reading,etc and college completed student i hired. Very difficult to get they did excellent job. With 3 months of hard work I could improve only 5 children.

Nagesh TK: Yes mam in over rural side its very difficult, even in home parents didn’t take care of them, also language problem. Teachers are lack of knowledge about nowadays syllabus, if anybody have willing to train up the teachers I will arrange for training.

Kiran Kumar: I think it is appropriate time for all of us to have a clear understanding of what are the plans of actions we have on table.

a. Website and FB page are in place
b. The next steps are to be defined clearly for all to participate in the debate and contribute fruitfully
c. As i see, the details are still in bits and pieces. How can we put them into a strategic next move that really helps the government schools to scale up and beat the competition and excel.

Chaya : Kiran sir very true. The issue is infrastructure, student issue, teacher issue

Kiran Kumar: Yes Ms. Chaya. Each school is unique in its strengths and challenges. When we start looking at the possibilities of each of the schools, we will have to address many things. Drawing our attention to the challenges of the school is easy, but noticing the strengths and building a case on it to make the school unique with its strength gives this team incredible strengths and success.

Chaya Chandra Acharya: The topic for tomorrow’s discussion is ”how to improve student teacher bondage”. Finally LOVING children however they are solves all the problem

Kiran Kumar: This could be a little long note, but request you all to read it. To get good admissions to a government school, and to excel in the process of providing the quality education, we cannot leave behind any element from infrastructure to quality of training. That means, getting the government schools to the level or over the levels of private schools in all aspects is a question. I have seen best infra structured private schools in Shivamogga district going to dogs and out for sale because of poor quality training. From input to output we need to have a strategy. Contributions in our own way will not suffice. If we are serious, then we will have to really make an effort to find solutions in such a way that each school with its unique possibility is brought up. Generalizing things might not work in the education domain.

Chaya: Kiran sir, we have to have a good team which has experienced teacher who had excelled in school and we have improve and take one school at a time in different regions

Kiran: Chaya, excellent. Of course, children should get lot of exposure to outside world. But by very thinking of avoiding shows our insecurity, that means we have not guided them properly, we have not felicitated them to think and decide what is good n bad.

Kiran Kumar: With the diversified state and the country we have, it is important for us to enable the schools with their strengths. Most brilliant teachers of the state are in the government schools. It is the vision of each institution and focus on nativity that has to be established in each school to be good enough to compete. The training takes a required attention if the focus is clear. You might think that this is pure entrepreneur stuff, but this is what i have learnt hard for the last 18 years. Make your efforts count. And we can do it when we have a strategy and plan for the schools of whose teachers are in this group. In my view, prioritization is always secondary. Prioritization in most of times is with the problems or issues in a given scenario. Soling the issues can only make us get a school to another schools’ level; not more than that. If we cant create independent identities for each of the school, then we would make government schools get into competition and that would lead to dirty politics in the end between private and government schools.

Kiran Kumar: Thanks Yogish, how you have uniqueness defined for NY, Boston, Salem, or harward in the US defines what they are. Not competitors and always complement each other with the identities. This is just an example striking my mind now.

Tandavmurthy: Providing handy science kits for broad topics like optics, sound, electricity,magnetism, motion laws, chemical reactions, atomic structure etc.,should be very useful

We don’t make schools attractive n child friendly educational environment is not provided children volunteer not come to school.

Giving education to them is our priority not theirs. We can’t take children for granted.

Try and compare to finish school system, Japanese education system

Tottochan learns in a wonderful free atmosphere, right. How humane she was while growing up n how mature she was while analyzing things. that’s how it should be.

We should give them such an education that they build a beautiful world.

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