Group Discussions – May 18 2016

Yogish: Central govt announced to pass tough bill on India maps. Look at the google map now. How fast they reciprocate : this is very good move.
Girish Mudigere: Every country should get stronger on moral ethical values: Lets try to lead others too: Should be good learning too

Moving forward (bill is still in draft stage) please be careful to display or posting old map which shows J&K as not part of India. There will be penalty of 100 crores and 7 years jail. I need to double check India map in our websites too.

Now uber, Google, Apple waze and many companies will stop showing part of India ( mainly J& K and Arunachal Pradesh) in dotted line

Yogish: To all teachers, If possible signup for webinar. This is google’s webinar and I guess they teach how to use google hangout, Google chrome and Google resources in the classrooms. Not sure whether you can registering from India using your India mobile number : I just registered to watch this program: Khan academy mobile version too is excellent

Srinagesh: One of the students who ended life is from government school. We need to work on this.

Ramachandra Bhat: Not only satisfying the physical wants we have to counsel the parents and students. In urban areas there is lot of job opportunity for the students. Some have to work before and after the school hours . That is the need of family. There is no time for study. They cannot concentrate on studies due to fatigue. And Students once tasted the Taste Of money it is hard to bring back.

Kollegala Sharma: @Ramachandra. Sir money or earning while learning is not bad. I could educate myself because I also earned doing odd jobs. What we need to convince students is that every profession is sacred. Not just medicine or engineering or IAS. If I have shaving as profession, how can I excel in it and leave my mark? Once we do that money will sure follow.

BG Ramachandra Bhat: Absolutely i am not against earning and leaning I am the product of same thing since my 5th standard I’m out of home. When we don’t have a dream for future or when we have only passion for temporary satisfaction it won’t successful : I am regular contact with several students who were working while schooling. Many of them didn’t continued their education because of this only. This not my opinion . This is the opinion of the students only.

Kollegala Sharma: Ramachandra Sir. Yes. That happens if we are confused about our goals. Lack of awareness about opportunities or the path to be taken, planning and sometimes lack of enabling resources like books etc. affect. The best help we can offer is counseling and some resources. I wouldn’t ask them to quit the work and support fully because working provides skills and social skills much needed in a competitive world. If a study is made, I am sure earning while learning students withstand stress better than others and suicides among them may be very few.

BG Ramachandra Bhat: After a week schools are reopened and Most of the DIETs may planned for various reinforcement training programmes. Probably this opportunity can be used to give brief insight about eshale

Yogish: At present Eshale allow junk inputs too. It is created for teachers to get familiar with this system to make their admin job easy. Here the reply I got from Somayaji (creator of this system)

Here is the answers from Somayaji Sir on Thank you

first software was developed for offline inhouse at school level using their own PC or laptop and was not developed for online use. Now the answers:

1. I have not approached govt for approval. It was developed to ease load on teachers so that they concentrate on teaching rather than these admin works

2. Usage is protected by password. Users are supposed to change password of admin. feedback is that SW helps schools 4. —–

Note : Internet version is just to let the users know availability of features and junk data can be entered.

Hope have answered all questions. You may call me any time on 98808 31316.

If teachers find any issues or have questions related to Eshale please send email directly to Somayaji. He will get back to you within a day. His email is available in website.

VVani Ram Ajekar: Sslc yali 60 percent gintha yechina marks padeda arthika vagi indulida makalige jci india scholrship ide. Dayamadi hi avakasha sadupayoga padisi koli. Last date june 10th

Srinagesh: I too worked during summer. From PU. 3₹ per day. 234₹ in three months that would meet my one years academic expenses.

Yogish: In my opinion nothing wrong working during summer vacation, (especially after 7th grade) which will help to buy school books, stationaries and uniforms. This will reduce the financial burden on parents. Kids will know the value of the money too. I encourage to give kids to some vocational training to earn money: Some training to kids to earn money (for school expenses) during vacation is must.

Kollegala Sharma: 10 paise/day, all work for fees and books, but learnt typing on the way, a skill which has helped me do many things simultaneously. I dont aait for my secretaries. I do things myself increasing productivity and saving plenty of time. Tuitions, interpreter, office boy… each job was a degree without certificate

Srinagesh: This is area where child rights activists disagree with us

Yogish: I think child rights act is little relaxed I guess. Now it allows children to work during vacation time especially if work is not hazardous

Srinagesh: Activists have objection on the ground of possible exploitation

BG Ramachandra Bhat: Where parents have concern there children’s exploitation is not there . Some parents forcibly sending their children or relatives children for earning children won’t get either money or sleep. So can we expect them to study. So many such incidents are there in urban schools. A few Girls hardly cross 9 or 10th class . Forcibly they enter in to marital life. We have to find some solutions for this.

Girish Mudigere: Currently we may not execute through our group…….but generate practical ideas…..we take help of NGOs to execute shortly

Anantha Padmanabha: We can use this link/website for activities n DREAMS2047 SCIENCE MAGAZINES . PREVIOUS ISSUES OF THIS MAGAZINE PDF CAN BE DOWNLODED

Kollegala Sharma: Dreams2047 is s very good source for history of science.

Shashikumar: It is highly informative.. You can also get hard copy… just write a letter to the editor.. Mr.subhodh mahanthy..

Girish Mudigere: Exams and fear of exams are going beyond limits. Our aim should be to produce fruitful citizens who help each other with morality

Marularadhya A M:Appreciated

Girish Mudigere: Yakub Sir daughter wrote a letter to sir last year when she was compleeted her sslc.

Naveed Ahmed: Extremely heart touching letter….

Girish Mudigere: Lets try to find solutions

Yogish: We got excellent source for math notes and many more materials from Yakub Master. I just created a post in our website for SSLC math notes please check

This is very very useful for SSLC students. Few more materials to be uploaded, especially the study notes to get minimum 40 marks in SSLC maths. I am sure every student love these materials sent by Yakub Mater: Thank you Yakub Sir. One of the great contributions to students and rest of the teachers in Karnataka can use these notes for their classrooms : Please use these materials for education purpose inside govt schools. Using these materials for commercial purpose is not allowed: Our dream will come true very soon since we have very good source of maths especially in Kannada by Yakub Master

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