Group Discussions – May 17 2016 Part1


We don’t have to go to Kerala or anywhere else in the world to see model schools. Just go to puttur school. I think we have use this one as our model school

Also use DK and Udupi school districts model for securing good pass percentage. This time UDUPI and DK came second and 3rd in overall pass percentage. SSLC and PUC performance is very consistent in these 2 districts (sometimes Uttar Kannada too) from past 5 to 10 years I guess.

Ashok Kumar: ಫೇಲಾಗಿದ್ದಕ್ಕೆ ಇಬ್ಬರು ಆತ್ಮಹತ್ಯೆ via Dailyhunt

Girish Mudigere: Great news for two failed students from team member……we will publish requirements shortly. I need your help to identify two deserving students without informing them till next re-exams. We shall encourage to take re exams sincerely …..soon after we publish why we need them

Linnet D Silva: I have one sangeeta 20160343238 who failed in science. She studied in government school in primary and in high school went to a aided school.

Gururaj Paramesha: We will sit n discuss once you n girish in Bangalore

Linnet D Silva: I followed yesterday’s discussion. Keeping children in focus I feel giving basic information is not an excuse for failure in creating learning atmosphere for children.

Gururaj Paramesha: Database Management requires huge shift in school education

Kollegala Sharma: @Linnet. Yes. So make it easy so that it cant be any more an excuse.

Linnet D Silva: This is one excuse teachers claim about their involvement in administration work. I am for their rights. But not at the expense of children RTE.

Kollegala Sharma: True. A committed and creative teacher does not wait for excuses.

Linnet D Silva: India has highest youth population and quite huge with degrees. Jobless!! Even if they are paid TA DA sure they will do what administration work other than school related They will do. Its only political will needed.

Yogish: In fact middle class parents can bring lot of changes to schools through parents participation in schools instead of sending their children to govt school

My son is going to govt school and it’s API is 999 out of 1000. This is happened mainly patents participation starting from homework check, help in library, car parking help, maintaining the school traffic, helping to collect donation for school and many more. Most of the times teachers don’t come to kids performance. Only the music or art teachers will come, but all the parents will come and help in everything.

It’s possible in India too by parents participation (at least middle and upper class parents). Instead of wasting time in gossip or watching TV parents definitely can help and it will give them knowledge and confidence and also social networking skills. Instead of chatting in whatsup helping in school is most satisfying and rewarding: parents participation:It is definitely possible in India

Guru Poornima: In most of the schools teaching and learning has become mechanical: There is no knowledge based education

Yogish: Here parents go to help in field trips too. Everywhere parents participation is must. Parents has to undergo TB test and police verification too is required before becoming volunteers. My wife worked as volunteer for this school for about 8 years . Why this is not possible in India ?

Kollegala Sharma: In some schools parents too participate. First, a love for the school -what sociologists call ownership – should develop. Rest will follow. A good environ and the feeling that school is benefiting them would certainly help: Ownership is lacking!

Yogish: Principal of the school will help in maintaining the traffic. Click pictures of child during performance time. Kids go and hug Principal: I agree that parents of poor family can’t participate. But parents from middle class should make positive step to sending their kids to govt schools and help to develop schools by their participation instead of sending kids to private schools.

Kollegala Sharma: @Yogish. Last point is valid. But parents should see some value in govt schools before they start getting involved. DSs strategy might help schools to add that little value.

Guru Poornima: Mutual awareness has to be built up between teachers, parents and students as well,which is a triangular activity.

Kalgudi Naveen: Yes. Parents and even those who have retired from service can be of great help to the schools.

Yogish: Yes of course those who retired too can help.

Chaya Chandra Acharya: That is true

Raghavendra N: (ಸಚಿವರಿಗೊಂದು ಪತ್ರ) ಅಜಿತ್.ನಾಡಿಗ್ ಶಿರಸಿ[ ಸಚಿವರಿಗೆ ತಲುಪುವರೆಗೆ ಶೇರ್ ಮಾಡಿ ಸ್ನೇಹಿತರೆ ನಿಲ್ಲಿಸದಿರಿ]

Chandrakant Acharya: In what way is this relevant here saar???

Gururaj Paramesha: sir ondu prashne each student thinking and writing the answer is different we can’t enforce children to write the answer same way what other child as written: please correct if i am wrong

Raghavendra N: I too believe in same it can be kept a model that’s all. Every child is unique. We should accept it’s individuality: Because the boy secured out of out its record in history of KSEEB. So every one anticipates how may be the answer script

Chandrakant Acharya: From shrinagesh sirs post. Hosadurga and Kadur. Both small towns in Karnataka. Maybe considered “villages”. Two students studying in Government School there have scored 621 out of 625 in 10th standard. It is not set up, not quality of school, it is not caste, it is not religion.

It is determination that helps such achievements. Of course, there is some teacher who motivated them to this level.

Hats off to such people who are dedicated for achieving!

Naveen: ಸೊಮಯಾಜೀ ಕೆವಿಆರ್.vcf : He is very happy that people are using it! I spoke to sri somataji who developed eshale and shalatantra: Following are the points he said:

1. Its s PC based software and purposely made so as internet connectivity is not available throughout the state.

2. Apart from admin admin there is one more login available, headmaster headmaster (both login and password)

3. He would be happy to discuss about the software, prefers email.

His email is:

KVR Somayaji is a mathematician and computer expert. Was with Tata institute of fundamental research

Later joined TCS.Pl let me know, if you need any thing more.

Linnet D Silva: Any 10th science Kannada lessons available.

Jayalaxmi Gowda: Yogish agree with each and every point you said: Parents involvement is a must for the upbringing of kids: Yes the defined process here needs to be followed there

Linnet D Silva: Again I think examination should not be our focus. Children should learn. We adults use caculater. Same way children should know how they can solve life’s problems. Example – a farmer should be able get all answers for problems he faces. Like wise all others. For higher education of course there can be such strictness.

I am not approving copying. I meant examination should not be goal of learning.

Jayalaxmi Gowda: I agree examination should not be the goal of learning too:We need to have street smart kids than book smart kids: If the teacher themselves are teaching kids to do wrong, then who is going to teach them to be right citizens: To solve this we need kids to take exams in a different school than they have studied

Linnet D Silva: So then there is no need of competition too. All citizens have some talent and country needs that for mutual benefit.

Girish Mudigere: Lets focus on improvement of primary schools……others too. Lets plan local involvement in cleaning government schools before schools start

Linnet D Silva: But basic education is what I want equal for all. Child friendly learning atmosphere. I am fine with higher education for few who can excel.

Girish Mudigere: Lets get into actionable items to involve locals. First day if school start….we may try parent meeting to plan for the rest of the year. Meetings definitely help government schools with locals. When are government schools restarting

Gururaj Paramesha: lets make sure we have PTA in all the schools

Kollegala Sharma: One idea. We can invite farmers to explain how they judge seasons.

Invite masons to tell how they measure angles.

Ask tailors to explain how they decide which stitch ti use.

Make parents important for their wards.

Geetha: 28th of may opening day

RaviRaj: June first schools are reopening

Yogish: Let’s focus on improving the system. Believe me I studied 1 to 12 in Karnataka and did engineering too. Mass copying never happened in my schools. Let’s not generalize saying that rest of the districts did mass copying because there was no surveillance.

Girish Mudigere: Is it possible to have cleaning schools before they start?

Gururaj Paramesha: Girish do we have volunteers? : we need to set team for that: to take actionable work

Girish Mudigere: Cleaning and beautifying schools

Linnet D Silva: We had a meeting today to approach the commissioner Of education to allow the science teacher to teach. Last year he was doing most of the Beo office work. And to give sufficient teachers.Tomorrow the parents are meeting the commissioner. Last year the same request was made personally as well as through email. Nothing had happened.

Nagesh TK: Sir not only Scince sir all subject: From 3 year in our school 117 students, only 3 teacher

ಕಾಟಚಾರಕ್ಕೆ ಅತಿಥಿ ಶಿಕ್ಷಕರು ಅಂತ ಕರೆ ಮಾಡಿ ಶಿಕ್ಷಕರ ಕೊರತೆ ಇಲ್ಲ ಎಂಬ ಭಾವನೆ ಮೂಡಿಸೋದು

Girish Mudigere: Nagesh sir school is an ideal example …..if we try to fix…..we can try other schools too……lets go step by step……school cleaning, Committee …lets discuss again later. Nagesh Sir….it appears Guru sir can try to help through HPE…..if we have resolution plan for academic year, we can try similar solutions in few more schools : Kindly discuss separately if not now and inform us possible outcome:

Kind Attention for next action plan: Guru sir and Nagesh sir …..thanks

Nagesh TK: Thanks sir, guru sir I selected as English teacher but I should teach all subject

Next action plan: Parents teachers volunteers sdmc ……others meeting

Members: please name yourself

Few Schools may be already cleaning, painting, beautifying schools now If yes…..kindly give us details

Another action plan: Welcome new students : Old students and teachers sdmc parents …. Can plan to offer a flower and invite new kids to school

Anantha Padmanabha: Ella sarkaari shaleyalli taliru torangalinda singarisi sihi tnidi maadi makkalannu swagatisalaaguvudu shala prarambada dina

Jayalaxmi Gowda: Nice culture of inviting kids to School

C K Gopala Rao added Shivaji: Welcome to Shivaji sir: English lecturer

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