Group Discussions – May 17 2016 Part 2

What kind of effort brought this results ?. How did they achieve from 29 to 8 and then to 3?. No officials talks about this : Looks like media too did not ask this question. May be DK teachers in this group can respond

Jayalaxmi Gowda: How did they achieve: All the govt need to do is copy that model for All schools across the board alwa

Yogish: One important data that I noticed. Around 2000 students less in this year to appear for exams compared to last year. Is this a secret to give stellar performance?. Did teachers stopped less performing students to appear for exams to show better results ?. Please note that I am not complaining, but trying to find out the reason for good results. All because no explanation is given for better results in this year compared to previous year

Girish Mudigere: May be temporary solution …..lets also see our schools are richest in all areas…..exams results are a small component of education life

Yogish: Yes it is small component of education from our point of view, but it plays major role for every parents and students. No parents will send their kids to the school where the SSLC or PUC results are bad. Students are coming from other districts to Mahesh and Expert mainly because of PUC results/performance.

Mahesh and Expert always gives stellar performance. So parents are confident that their children get high score to get in to engineering or medical colleges without paying donation. So parents spend money during 2 years of PUC education in private schools instead of spending more in 4 years for engineering, I think it is more economical.

Girish Mudigere: Lets start bringing quality from anganavadis

Yogish: I am not discouraging government schools. My point is that 2 things plays major role to send govt schools

1. Performance of the school in terms of examination results to get in to next level of education

2. English medium classes to get confidence and to get in to colleges where the medium is English

Facilities, free food, free books and extracurricular activities in schools doesn’t bother much to parents, especially to middle class.

Jayalaxmi Gowda: Agree 100%

Girish Mudigere: Anganavadis kids need all above: They get healthy…..they learn well

Yogish: Yes, I agree for anganwadi – Let’s focus to get stellar performance from every govt schools to convince our middle class and upper middle class parents. I am sure Puttur or Nellyadi school might have achieved 100% results. Let’s get feedback from them

Milind M Raichur: Pls dont mind sir n madam….No offence …but as per our training team experiences shared in last meeting…. these freebies are making children less compitative n more lazy as their needs are being fullfilled effortlessly …. its my opinion .. pls don’t mind

Yogish: Every year population increases. Accordingly the number of students appearing for exam should increase. In this case 2000 less appearing is concern. Did they dropped out before entering in to 10th grade?. Or did they moved out of DK to other cities like Bangalore?. There could be some reason for 2000 less this year. Please don’t answer to my question. Just think about this and find out the reason during your free time.

We should focus to achieve good results in examination to the students of 5th and above standard by giving special classes to kids and also giving training to teachers.

Milind M Raichur: Yes yogish sir & Girish sir you’re right on the prediction ….most of the students are either migrated with patents to nearby cities n towns in search of job or are being admitted in Pvt. Schools in cities n towns & are kept in hostels after 5th std.

Milind M Raichur: One of such kind hostel is present opposite my house

Yogish: Identify low performing students and conduct special classes to the kids of 5th grade and above with the help of volunteers. Train teachers too. Some are extremely good in teaching. Some teachers will just read the books in classrooms, no interactive sessions, which will be boring

Girish Mudigere: Give prizes to all small kids : They get excited to learn

Yogish: I had math teacher in 10th grade. Everyone is so attentive in his classroom. Everyone expecting him to come and teach math. He had a passion to teach math. And used to make every student to solve the math problem on black board. His name was Ganesh Bhat. I had a social teacher. He used to just read social book. No one was listening to him, we used to fly rockets and throw chalk pieces in class rooms . Class was in total mess. Some kids used to escape from the class without him noticing. Class was full of noise. But we enjoyed the fun

Milind M Raichur: Sir I’ve also come across few Govt schools where smart class is present but is not being utilized as the teachers face difficulty in operating the system n are scared that if something goes wrong they will be charged for the maintenance

When our team lended helping hand for them in operation they refused to take the risk n projectors are being kept safely in HM ‘s cupboard

Yogish: Oh really ?

Girish Mudigere: Milind sir …..good inputs….lets not blame but try find solutions. Some teaching staff feel better safer that way…..instead of breaking electronic equipment

Yogish: Every teacher is different, but they should have one thing in common; passion to teach their subjects. We have to train teachers to use computers and projectors.

Milind M Raichur: Pls need guidelines n solutions to resolve it…we even assured & managed to get few computers n projectors through an NGO but still were unsuccessful to make them utilize the resources

Girish Mudigere: Yogish …awesome input… to bring that…: This is excellent input rather. If we ignite passion to teach…..half work done!!!

Yogish: We can identify the teachers who have passion during their training itself. Kids should be allowed to give marks to teachers during their training period instead of co trainers mark them

Milind M Raichur: But will the HM give permission?

We are ready to train teachers in Dharwad Dist. pls give us some guidelines n proper way of approach

MCE Yogish: I can one example of how history lesson “Harshavardhana” and “Immadi Pulakeshi” taught by 2 trainee teachers (I guess BEd teachers) in to our class room when I was in 10th grade

Only co trainee was allowed to grade them for their teaching, students were not allowed. Trainee Teacher who gave about Harshwardhan’s class was excellent, but Immadi Pulakeshi class was so boring even though Immadi Pulakeshi was most powerful King during that time.

Milind M Raichur: One of my friend who’s a History teacher enacts the subject with the help of acting talents in his class. Where his classes are full house. I feel its the best utilization of students talents n intrests in learning the subject

Yogish: Yes I agree Milind. Some teachers have extra talents.

Umesh Nagalotimath: I don’t know if I am wrong. When I was professor at Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, Hubli, I preferred using black board than LCD Projector. Because with LCD Pojector students use to feel drowsy in the afternoon classes. It use to be monotonous. Few of my students after passing MBBS came and told me that the black board classes were more lively.

Yogish: Yes I agree that television or projector screen make you drowsy. If you don’t get sleep after dinner, just watch TV program on some history lesson. You will get sleep immediately: We can’t teach only with projector. Projector is good only to show some video lessons, that teacher can not explain using blackboard.

Girish Mudigere: Umesh sir….excellent point

Milind M Raichur: how to get this into the schools with proper channels is our problem ….but still we’re trying n times… So if someone can help us breaking the Ice …. we’ll be greatfull

Girish Mudigere: Milind sir…..we will try hand in hand with you

Umesh Nagalotimath: The advantage of black board is that a teacher can start with blank board . Everything comes live on the board. But in LCD projector most of the time everything comes prepared. This might be difficult to understand in a short time.

Girish Mudigere: Excellent points Umesh Sir: Cell phone ….projector to wall…..may help teachers

Type something …it should fall on wall through projector: Lets start strengthening anganavadis

Mother tongue and Excellency in study..indicate that we have potential to improve beyond Japan……Singapore:We are setting un imaginable but seen to bare eyes success models to achieve ……lets fail but try

Yogish: Girish, I think we can’t copy Japanese model. They have single language or medium for entire country. We have 20 different languages. Every state have its own language. We can do some research. If Hindi or single language is taught in all the states the Japanese model is going to be successful. If I study in Malayalam I don’t get job in Karnataka state.

Girish Mudigere: We have equal number or more number of states: One Karnataka is beyond one s korea: One Kerala is beyond one japan: Because we have mother tongue plus English too: It is an advantage actually: Many know Hindi too

Yogish: Good to know that we have English and that is used to communicate with people from other states.

Girish Mudigere: Invariably most of us are good in two or more languages: Excellent geography in the world actually: Each state can be developed into each internationally popular country……within India: We have Switzerland S Korea Japan Singapore ………..France……etc etc inside India with respective mother tongues like Tamil, Maleyalam, Telugu, ……..Kannada …..PLUS English plus many Hindi:Lets start from Anganavadis

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