Group Discussions – May 14 2016

Akhila Vidyasandra: When we are planning to plant the saplings involve children in decision making as to
1. where do they want n which tree they want there.
2. Who will take care of the plant to make it a tree and how many kids in a group.
3. After every monitor (may be half yearly, quarterly, annually ) the group will get some gifts. finally after 3-5 years when the tree is big that school will get a prize.
One teacher or someone from the village /area (elderly ) to guide children.
All such groups combining make an environment committee of that school.

C K Gopala Rao added SowBhagya Lakshmi. Welcome to Sow Bhagya Lakshmi Bai, D.Ed. lecturer, St.Theresa TTI, Bengaluru

SowBhagya Lakshmi: Appreciate for joining me in this group

Girish Mudigere: Thanks mam……we focus only and only action points and reality of improvement of government schools. We need guidance and suggestions to improve government schools through each one of us in any government schools

Girish Mudigere: Our team focus is to help Government Schools to improve …..kindly suggest action plans and volunteers who can try to help
For planting trees we are forming small team and discussing
Linnet D Silva: Inspection should be strict. In government schools. They do this very relaxingly.
Girish Mudigere: Few are doing exceptionally well too…..lets take positives please

Gururaj Paramesha: Encourage kids to go regularly to Public Library
They are excellent. 15mins internet free for govt school kids. Impressed with these public libraries many schools dont have libraries but we should encourage students to visit libraries

Raviteja: Please join us tomorrow

Geetha: Computers not provided to many schools,
Milind M Raichur: great program sir ….All the Best

Akhila Vidyasandra: Dear friends, since I don’t have much to contribute in this group and I am busy with other issues, I’m leaving this group. I’ll continue in silent group and observe the progress. All the very best. keep going, keep growing

Karthik added Shivakumar R Mr Shiva Kumar R ,software engineer,working for social cause

Shashikumar added DS Basavananda Prakash, BG Ramachandra Bhat
and Laxmiprasad Nayak, Welcome to DSB sr. LP sr and Ramachandra Bhat sr.. To the group..

Shivakumar R: Thanks Karthik for adding me to the group

Basavananda Prakash: Thanks for considering me as a member of this group of good teachers dsb

BG Ramachandra Bhat: Thank you. What is the aim of this group? So many admins.!!!!!!! We should not share the same resources here also . It is happening with WhatsApp, telegram and hike groups.

Yogish: Ramachandra Sir, Please go through our website To know the objectives please go to

Geetha: But here also we are facing some problems, but here can I discuss this or not

Girish Mudigere: Geetha madam…..definitely discuss about bridge course difficulties and solutions

ಶಿವಕುಮಾರ್ ಹೊಸಮನಿ: Ramachanrda…Thilisiruva THAAI ,MAGALU manege bandiddaaranthe…NAANE maathaadiddene. INNU avarige kare maadauvudu BEDA

Yogish: Very good effort and follow up by Shivakumar. Glad to know that mother daughter are back and safe.
Chandrakant Acharya: Once action is done can those messages be removed??? This will avoid unnecessary calls!!!

Shivakumar R: I am working on a cause to collect old text books and distribute them to the needy students. For that I will create a website and list the collection on the website. Any needy can look for the books required in website, and order them, comments, suggestions are always welcome
Karthik: I will donate what books I have my library. I hope this group is right place
Guru Poornima: Please contact me for electronics and communication Engineering books, I have surplus Aptitude books etc, Also GRE books

Yogish: Used Engineering books are very much required.

Yogish: I think we have to review our teachers list I am sure there are more than 15 teaches in this group. Some teachers’ names are not added in this list. If you are a teacher and your name is not added, please help me to add you names. Your name, number and school address and if possible email or FB ID is required.

For example Raghavendra teacher’s name is not added. Similarly many names did not get in this list. Please help me to add teachers name

Yogish: Similarly we have to review our volunteers names too since many new members are added recently. We would like to know the name of volunteers with their expertise and phone numbers.

For example we are looking for few volunteers on June 5 to transport and plant saplings in schools. Please help us to identify volunteers for this good cause. Please send your name and phone numbers to participate on June 5 – ‘World Environment Day’
CHEM LECT Karthik: KARTHIK ANKAR lecturer srinivaspur taluk,Government girls pu college, kolar-563135 9342736575
Yogish: Added your name sir

Mallikarjun Savanalli: Count down starts for our 5th free softskils training program with industry experts how to get your dream.job????? Are you facing any challenges to crack the.interview????? To help you people we are organiging our 5th.successful softskils training program kindly.make use of it

Timing. Afternoon 12.30 pm. No fees Tomorrow Venue –

No.16, 2nd Main,Near Reliance Mart,Subbanna Garden, Vijaya Nagar,Bangalore 560040 Contact Vijay – 9739057660

Girish Mudigere: Omg… good turn over……we should request candidates to teach government schools whenever possible in future

Milind M Raichur: Very nice MK sir

Mallikarjun Savanalli: We took this initiative after that 10 people cracked successful interviews in mnc
Jayalaxmi Gowda: Very good. Any criteria to choose those students

Mallikarjun Savanalli: They are struggling to get job from one year. They attended our program got success. Trainers are certified from Google and Facebook

Yogish: Good job Mallari Sir. Can you please give little more details about your soft skill program or certification program from Google FB ?
Mallikarjun Savanalli: Its for job seekers. And our trainers certified company carrying more than.10 year industry experience. Helping people to get job

How do you train candidates to attend interview and how do you train for the required skills and the duration of the training program etc. what is the min qualification required to apply for your program ?. Sorry for asking too many questions
And we enter next schools also.

If required we can add one page intro in our website for job seekers with some details. Please give me a some details. Hope it will help who want to enroll and also for your group

Mallikarjun Savanalli: Sure, Will msi The details, our website

Yogish: I am successful booting from raspberry Pi by connecting to my TV. This is very powerful. A full operational computer just for $35. Only thing required are external keyboard mouse, mouse, monitor and just 8 GB SD card. Apart from the monitor the cost of this is less than $50. Internet is as fast my regular PC even with wireless. This have built in wifi, HDMI input and 4 USB ports and also speaker output.

Most important is that you can start learning programming including Python or any language and also build any hardware projects starting from LED lightings, motion detector, Bitcoin server to robotics by connecting few sensors. 100’s of sensors and plugin modules readily available to connect to this raspberry Pi.

I am really excited about this powerful kit. Very good for schools to teach hardware and programming skills. Schools need just a monitor

Credit card size. You can keep this powerful PC it in your pocket

Your phone charger power is enough to power raspberry Pi. No need of UPS

Raspberry Pi is readily available for $35. Oh no, my son found minecraft game in this too.

Md Ali Shaikh: from where can i get this , in indian currency?

Yogish: I think Rs 3500. This is multipurpose card and cane be used as computer and also can be used to build many hardware software project at schools

You will get it at SP road in Bangalore

Jayalaxmi Gowda: How about in US Yogish?

Yogish: They released cheaper version too which is available for $5.

Its called raspberry zero, but it is available now in USA

Jaya, You can find in Amazon too. I purchased from Frys electronics

Jayalaxmi Gowda: Amazon India website kooda idhe alwa
So even people in India can make use alwa

Must be there in Amazon India

Yogish: I will try to find raspberry zero too soon

Your existing USB mouse and keyboard can be used to program. Your existing USB cellphone charger can be used to power the card. Only additional requirement is to buy 8GB microSD card. 16 or higher us better. Your LCD TV with HDMI can be used as monitor

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