Group Discussions – May 13 2016

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Akhila Vidyasandra: Sorry for the long gap. I think it is better select few schools and develop (comprehensive) them to the maximum we can as models and then move on in similar way.

If we are distributing sanitary napkins, please take some good doctor and give the instructions to the girls how to use and dispose, time duration to use one napkin, why need to change at particular interval etc

I hope someone will come forward to provide computers and projector to Gajaanan’s school at the earliest. Recently the village spent about 60k to get a borewell because of water scarcity in the school.

Gajaanan is a self motivating person who take others along with him, that’s how the whole village is with him

The teachers in this group are gems, many needs to learn from them. including our government

Kollegala Sharma: @ Akhila. Good point. Government needs to learn a lot.

Yogish: Just now completed downloading 10th grade math, chemistry, biology and science video and copied to USB. Also copied spoken English video as bonus , 12GB of video

C K Gopala Rao added Nanjundappa: science tr, from bangarpet , active member of Bharath Scouts and Guides Karnataka

C K Gopala Rao added Babu, V: District organising commissioner ( DOC), Bharat scouts and Guides Karnataka, KOLAR

Gururaj Paramesha: Babu welcome, Its Gururaj here: from SHQ BSG Karnataka, Babu is very active member of BSG Kolar district. Welcome Nanjundappa sir

Welcome Babu Sir and Nanjundappa sirs and other new members…..thank you Gopala Rai sir and Panchappa sirs: Panchappa sir….: Kindly give your names members added by Panchappa sir

Girish Mudigere: Guru sir……did Panchappa sir responded you for his school website creation ……please inform

Gururaj Paramesha: I spoke to him and said to get permission frm department, After that no response

Girish Mudigere: Informal website may not need permission ….just to bring school people together to improve that particular school …..kindly try to help

Gururaj Paramesha: Sir Government institution needs permission

Kalgudi Naveen: NIC is supposed to do it (websites) for free to all Govt organizations. Pl contact them.

Yogish: Some individual can always make a website for school. Suppose if I want to create a website for the school where I studied govt can’t stop it. It’s my wish to create for the good cause. Govt attitude is like ದೇವರು ಕೊಟ್ಟರೂ ಪೂಜಾರಿ ಬಿಡ

Kollegala Sharma: Government too has started an initiative to provide resources to teachers online. It is crawling because of low participation by teachers.

Chaya Chandra Acharya: That is the main issue. Children r more faster than teacher. Govt is little faster than teacher, teacher r the slowest

Jayalaxmi Gowda: How can we make the teacher faster. Awareness by govt and volunteers should help fill that gap I guess

Chaya Chandra Acharya: First we have to analyse how many teachers r excellent, good, more good, chalk out the issues they r facing , try to solve if possible , and proceed slowly and carefully. Because changing children is easy not teachers

Kollegala Sharma: Participation may be less because of these;

1. Lack of awareness. Though department trainings mention this a hands in experience is lacking.

2. There is no good word if one contributes to the website. This dissuades engagement

3. There is no clarity on goals and Expected inputs from teachers.

Kollegala Sharma: I saw a news item today in Vijayavani that the Committee for Child Rights has done a study on dropouts and is starting a campaign on May 29.

Gururaj Paramesha: I have written a mail to PM Modi office

Dear Sir,

I would like to emphasize below areas in this mail. We need to address these issues at the earliest to save the future of this country.

a) Teacher Training Programs in B.Ed colleges are not up to the mark when we compare to International Level.We need to bring changes in existing B.Ed curriculum especially implementing technology in classroom teaching. NCTE needs to setup a separate curriculum for Teachers Exchange program from University to other University within India or Outside India.

b) Similar to National Institutional Ranking Framework we need to have a Ranking Framework for Private Schools and Public Schools category.

c) Provide computer lab facility in each government school or Mobile Computer Labs should be made arrangements in each Grama Panchayat so that our children will not miss what their neighbouring kids study in Private schools.

d) Similar to Microsoft in Education or Google for Education we don’t have support from any Indian Institution for providing Training and Leadership development in Education sector. Please allow Wipro or Infosys to expand their expertise in this area.

e) Improve the infrastructure of Anganwaadis equivalent to Private Pre-Schools

f) Make computer science and English as a compulsory subjects along with their local language. It should be common across the states in Primary and Secondary education. This program should be designed by Central Government rather directing to the State Government.

h) Create a online database platform which gives the details of PhD scholars awarded by different universities,which topic, who was the guide, year awarded, this will help other researchers to know the researches done by the other fellow Indian instead of doing the same research. If we have the National Database on the research paper where it should be made accessible to all the research aspiring scholars to identify their problem areas.

Regards, Gururaj.P

Yogish: yesterday I uploaded Naveen sir’s book review in audio. In future please upload your audio files at and send me the link if you want to publish audio contents

Kollegala Sharma: We have been toying with the idea of students exchange among a group of schools. During exchange students will present the way they learn or taught and share difficulties. The discussion will be a learning for teachers. The idea is still in infancy.

Gururaj Paramesha: Indus international school does this. They send their kids to near by government schools: And the government schools kids to their school

Kollegala Sharma: I am talking of exchange between govt schools.

Gururaj Paramesha: Iam talking how other big schools can be involved: What I said one example

Govt schools to Govt Schools is good idea

Chandrakant Acharya: Great idea!!! Kids themselves would feel motivated!!!

Yogish: Shortly I will add Mr Kiran NG in to this group. He studied in MCE Hassan, working for Infosys from past 25 years. He is bringing technology in to rural school for creative learning using Raspberry Pi, and he got huge response. I am also planning to order a kit do try out few projects from my side.

Surendra Shetty: Sound health will hv sound mind. Each student should hv a health card.They must undergo proper/routine gen medical tests in the respective schools like blood group, dental checkup, eye tests, any kind of infections, allergies. worms controlling ,skin rashes, spl attention to girl childs etc. Can v think of this pl

Linnet D Silva: Actually it’s there. Doctors are supposed to be invited. But all happens on record and not real. Technology for kids is wonderful.

Yogish: Good input from Surendra sir. I think we didn’t add this point so far.

Guru Poornima added Ravitej. Welcome Ravi Teja sir, Ravi Teja is a volunteer in Uttishta Bharatha and expert in seed ball preparation

Ravitej: Thanks for adding me here, let us work together for better society

Kollegala Sharma: Yes. We had a girl in PU totally blind and she wasnt even aware. In a med camp conducted by SVYM this was found out and with the help of donors SVYM got her operated. She is now a better student. Identifying dislexia, sight problems, hearing difficulties in children is possible if the teachers have close interaction with students. Anemia in girls can also be easily identified. Then verificatiin can be done by doctors and remedies given.

Linnet D Silva: Normal things like teeth extracting, skin infections which are visible are not paid attention.

Kollegala Sharma: #Linnet. Yes. They too have to be looked at, but the ones I mentioned affect learning directly. Teachers must be aware of this.

Girish Mudigere: Excellent points…….lets try to address and find solutions to implement

Girish Mudigere: Prashant sir NGO is doing excellent help to few government schools and sure many more too. We are getting very clear that our group here is trying to define tasks……which help government schools. Which is important. Excellent Mr Prashant …..we will request your help too….lets all join hands and improve Government Schools

Prashanth: We’ll do much more better works further…: Anytime to do good…

Girish Mudigere: We as team…identify tasks, identify resources and request Givers give their efforts, receivers receive and acknowledge moral values

Prashanth: As I saw yesterday and day before yesterday, in this group discussions were going on about pplanting saplings in government schools. It’s a good idea, we’ve done it before. With planting saplings, we can conduct workshops in government schools. Like for 3 days to one week. In that workshop, we have to do different activities every day. One day for sacrifice, making govt school kids to get something to eat from their homes and share with each other …: One day for planting saplings, one day for soft skills training, like this workshops can be conducted. In that workshops, we make teams of children based on their mentality and assign them tasks. So that we can visit those schools on a regular basis and performance of each team should be followed up. Whoever performs good must be given prizes ..From doing this, we can create environmental awareness and also life sustainability of govt school kids…

Girish Mudigere: Excellent idea: Lets give prizes to all kids:Lets plan this activity in 100 schools shortly

Prashanth: Yes… As soon as government schools reopen, we need to do.

Chaya Chandra Acharya: Ya I am ready

Ram Ajekar: Nanu kuda nimmajote bhagiyagtini

Girish Mudigere: Excellent progress……we have 50 NGOs identified through our direct contacts now. We have 50 volunteers in our group who can work directly.

Guru Poornima: Shishu mandir people are coming to our association

Girish Mudigere: Now……linking and executing, learning mistakes and ree implementing is our task. Small reorganizing our team needed…..lets define

Shashikumar: Every year we use to give training for social welfare department hostel students of X std. Under the organization of Ambedkar Research Institute.. Bangalore..So he is the leader the RPs..

Kalgudi Naveen: Every district has district training institute which trains Govt employees on all aspects including computers.Needy teachers should take advantage of this: Only this is dept should write to these institutes and put pressure.Training is free, authentic and carries certificate: Which can be uploaded to HRMS: On many occasions I have trained aspirants on computer usage and internet.

Girish Mudigere: My India stay and tasks we need to perform for improvement of schools are almost complete…….excellent inputs I got from this group

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