Group Discussions – March 31 2016

Girish Mudigere Chethan Puttur, Anand Mandya and Roopa. Welcome Roopa, Chetan Puttur and Anand sir. Chethan works on human rights. Roopa organize coordinate various activities for society. Anand lays roads to schools. Please see above Facebook pages for details

Jayalaxmi Gowda: We have lot of people from Michigan here. Why don’t I see any response here from you all… Manjula, Rishi, Suchitra have left… Saidas, Anil, Satish avaru bittaaythu… Any reason for not participating??? Please let me know here or privately, whichever is convenient.. We started of the group good but not able to keep the good momentum…
Arshiya Banu added MUST GB Balegar,
Girish Mudigere: Thank you Harshiya avare for bringing BEO
Welcome Balegar Sir. We read about your initiatives and achievements helping Government schools and needy kids beyond your regular work

Really appreciate you sir

We feel lucky to have you here ….sure we learn from you

Girish Mudigere: Anyone from here if wish to join more extensive discussion please inform…We will add you to Core School Team…Thanks
Any more from here if wish to join more extensive discussion please inform…We will add you to Core School Team. You may leave this group similar to above members. It helps all

Team: Develop Schools:

Girish Mudigere Akshata, Amit Kumar, Vivek Sinha,Dev Kishan and Bellala Gopi Rao.
Welcome Akshata who helps society in many ways.
One important area is finding scribe who help blind students to write examinations on their behalf.

My young friends Amit Kumar, Vivek Sinha and Dev Kishan were with our Government School improvement project since 2012. All with few more friends attended initial events in Annasandrapalya School HAL in Bengaluru.

welcome Sri Ballala Gopinath Rao….Please see his Facebook page for more details

Girish Mudigere: Those who cannot understand Kannada …..kindly overlook those messages please

This group is for passing information and taking feedback

Those who enter more discussion are added to Core School team and request them to help us

Akshata: I will try my best to contribute to your social work.

Amit Kumar: Thanks for adding sir
Kannada Mallari Kulkarni: Urgently Blood needed for my cousin.
Patient name: Shilpa
Blood Group:” 0-”
Hospital: Ramnagoudar hospital Dharwad.
Date :31/3/16 before 5PM

Please help????

Raghavendra N: I passed it to my Dharwad friends

Girish Mudigere: Good input Mr Loka on leakage of chemistry question paper…thanks

Yogish: Statewide budget allocation for education from 2006 to 2013. It’s gone up only by 2.6 % (14 % to 16.6%) in 6 years. I guess Karnataka is spending around 15%. Kerala is spending highest as per 2016-17 budget. Around 18000 crores by Kerala govt.
I will post this info in our website soon
Girish Mudigere: Lets try effective use

Chethan Puttur: Kevala science question paper leak agodu yake…? Brasta college, vidayarthi gala bagge, poshakara baagge kuda thanike agali….
Ella t.v channel galu idara bagge kuda charche madali…
Labhakora vidyarthi ,college bagge yake charche agabaradu..? Mr… 24×7 tv ……gale

Prasanna: P U re exam Again postponed!!!! Why is this happening again and again? A conductor of private bus who couldnt persuade or convince his son appeared that exam asking me now. Why the system can’t understand students’ ?

Raghavendra N: Shame on ourselves????????

Girish Mudigere: Nija Raghavendra sir
Jayalaxmi Gowda: How does one Come to know that the paper was leaked
It is sad for the kids to go through this. What could be the reason, it gets leaked out when there is a high chance that they would be caught

RaviRaj: It is held ….but God knows how this happens

Jayalaxmi Gowda: Can all the students and teachers sign a petition to change rules on the punishment
I suggest somebody should raise this issue and solution to avoid such mishaps in the future
And the petition from students and teachers to instill cctv monitoring and the punishment/fine be amended strongly so that the mistakes are not repeated. Feel bad for the kids though who is going through this. This could demotivate them further to not study for other subjects, anticipating this could repeat again alwa Paapa. Doing this for few years will tighten the process and loop holes kadime aaguthadhe

RaviRaj: Jaya…they have done 3 sets….among them 2 have leaked

Prasanna: Ya thats better mam. But Those who try to steal would try all of them. Exam bagge aathanka beda antha maklannu prepare madirthare,exam nadeyo dinada baggene aathanka pado hagagide. Shame on our system.

RaviRaj: But I think they haven’t printed enough copies

Akhila Vidyasandra: They should keep the question papers only in soft copy and ask the DC & Tahashildars to make the arrangement to print them at the centres just one hour early. If they are leaked then the DC& Tahashildars should be held responsible. Should keep the department out of this
Manoj Scientist: Education system itself a must change preferably??
First think about the system itself

Akhila Vidyasandra: Yes , memorandums, petitions, from the parents, teachers, demanding letters from students and organisations to the CM, Education minister, Governor, PM and President may build the pressure to change the procedural rules.

Jayalaxmi Gowda: But we need to fix it for our kids future
Would strongly suggest some solutions to the responsible authority for actions to be taken

Will signing a petition trigger the officials to take action?
For changing the process,Tightening the process
We should start somewhere… Everything needs a change Andre they will just throw us off. Should start with key things and gradually step up
Awesome then let’s start working on that

Akhila Vidyasandra: Need to start a campaign

RaviRaj: Yes…we have to start….let’s change this examination system to a foolproof one

Jayalaxmi Gowda: Okay I just crossed the mid
Night time line.. Got to go … We should plan on the petition/campaign though so that it gets attention. English or Kannada?

Akhila Vidyasandra: Can someone draft it?

Jayalaxmi Gowda: I can attempt, but will need to wait for the weekend.. I have a quarter end work that needs
My full attention Thursday and Can try drafting on Friday evening
Sample iddare kaluhisi

Akhila Vidyasandra: It should be brief and effective with some statistics on how many times the paper leaked and how many children were affected.

Jayalaxmi Gowda: I will try putting the issue and the proposed solution so far and many more that will be added

Akhila Vidyasandra: Dear Prasanna, Ravi, Raghavendra, Chethan, can I request you 4 to give your feedback and informations to Jaya PLEASE??

Yogish: CET is started in Karnataka in year 1984 when I was in 12 th grade mainly because PCMB question papers leaked twice. They cancelled the exams when it was leaked. Second time no one knew that question papers were leaked for PCMB again. All wrote exams for physics, chemistry and biology. So on the day math exam the question paper was printed in news paper. I still wrote the exam, but later PU board announced for re exam only for math. Most of the students who were in Bangalore and Mysore got 100 marks in physics, chemistry and biology. Students from the other parts of the Karnataka did not get leaked question papers. Then govt decided to do entrance test from that year onwards.

Raghavendra N: OK madam I do, But who has to bell the cat, simply by chatting in watsup can we change the system, whatever we discuss in this group that should be brought to action for this we have to divide the group to different teams, each team should take the responsibility of handling the issues. I’m this matter I thank Akhilaji whole heartedly she did what ever she thought to do. Please think on this

Jayalaxmi Gowda: But if anybody can get that Info, it will make it easy for me.. I will have to go several years looking for that info right
Perfect and any sample if you find. Or else will try looking online later

Yogish: I can’t forget the history of cheating and I was one of the victim. Some of my roommates (in Eng college) who came from Mysore and Bangalore had 100 out of 100 in Phyisics, Chemistry and Biology. Total injustice. Shame on PU board and state Govt.

Akhila Vidyasandra: Very good suggestion dear Raghavendra sir, please make the develop school action group (maybe we can create sub committees later for other issues ) and add those only who wants to be part of it fully. Let’s get into action.

Yogish: The CET was started in the year 1984, mainly because question papers were leaked twice and govt could not conduct exams for the 3rd time for PCB subjects.

Akhila Vidyasandra: Though I felt happy inside, its difficult to take
I’m really sorry dear Yogish, but don’t worry the real talent can never be able snubbed
Yogish: These type incidents will demotivate to work for schools.

Akhila Vidyasandra: There are many types of running races, and this is one such kind. isn’t it ??
Yogish: Are we planning on the petition and how ?. Will it make any difference ?

Akhila Vidyasandra: Yes to build pressure on the government

Raghavendra N: Dear Sir don’t be demotivated, you are the real motivation behind us. We love you sir. It’s all common, bade bade deshome chote chote kaam hote rehte hai?

Akhila Vidyasandra: Dear Yogish, if you have checked the blogs I mentioned, please contact Mr. Gnaneshwar and do the needful to make it available through our website. It will be a great help to our teachers to get many such things in one place

Yogish: All teachers, please try and use the blog called ‘English Teacher ‘ for English grammar, its started by Mr. Gnaneshwar, a high school teacher from Albur, Thipatur. Tumkur

Finally found the link searching in Google
Just added the link in our website

Yogish: Please use our Facebook page too to submit Petition

Linnet D Silva: It’s all money matter, easy way out for huge handed. Culprits escape easily.

Kalgudi Naveen: Namaste, This is for the experts chalking plan for making examination process fool proof
PUC exams to be held quarterly for the part of the syllabus covered and for 25 or 20 marks.
If a person has to leak he will have to leak all four or five papers.
This will have a lot of advantages even wrt quality, pressure on kids etc
May be tax dept or college staff but I suppose it can cope with.

Vidyasandra: Yogish I had shared his fb page in my fb account.

Linnet D Silva: Even now three sets of questions are prepared. Out of that one is printed by department itself. There are plenty of people in all the stages who can play mischief. But responsible is the one who heads.
Breaching should attract a huge punishment which deters such action. So it’s legal issue.

Prasanna: Today I am in a model school, Soppinkeri,Shikaripur tq. HM Mr Vasanth is explaining that how he has simplified the writing work by proper utilisation of school’s computer s.

Akhila Vidyasandra: Excellent Prasanna avre, you are always an energy to your team. Please keep it up.

Kalgudi Naveen: Editorial of sudha magazine says: tutorial behind leakage of chemistry paper 🙁

Jayalaxmi Gowda: Prayers to people who are dead and injured from the collapse of Kolkata flyer today..

Girish Mudigere: Corruption seems to be root cause for above collapse.
Good tiluvalike through education may resolve similar issues in future
Linnet D Silva: Amanathu is for a short time punishment. But those directly involved should be identified and reality should be published.
Prasanna: Someone may be victims of the circumstances. Raghavendra N: Idu kannoresuva Tantra. They may re initiated in very short period

Jayalaxmi Gowda: Friends I am feeling so helpless with this issue… Read the article at your convenience…

Question paper leaked bage… Mitties (michiganians) any suggestion from you all.. What we could do from here..

Girish Mudigere: Jayalaxmi …link is not opening
Jayalaxmi Gowda:

Put RTi applications? Put RTi applications? Procedure heli. Had asked this question couple days ago

Kalgudi Naveen: Text me your email I’d. Will send the formst

I think u need to download android app

Arshiya Banu added MUST GB Balegar. Respected and hounourable B E Oof Gokak sir we heartly welcome to this group.
Please explore your ideas here for implementation. Thanq so much n once again welcome sir

Girish Mudigere: Welcome Balegar Sir. We read about your initiatives and achievements helping Government schools and needy kids beyond your regular work. Really appreciate you sir

We feel lucky to have you here ….sure we learn from you. again thank Harshiya madam

BEO Balegar: Thanks you Arshiya Banu Mem. I am very happy to join this lovely. And educational thinkers group

Kalgudi Naveen: I have sent RTI Application format to Smt Jayalakhmi and Ari Girish Mudigere. I could have sent to the entire group but few are yet to update to latest version of whatsapp

Yogish: Naveen, ??. Can you please share RTI application here?. I think we can upload I’m to website and anyone can download from there whenever it’s required.

Kalgudi Naveen: Uploading to web is a good idea

Kiran Kumar: But RTI on what aspect are we going to file?

Kalgudi Naveen: Here is the body of the email written to Smt Jayalakshmi. May be it is useful to others also.

Kalgudi Naveen: Please find the RTI application. Please frame grilling questions and ask for certified copies of the documents you wish to have.

Actually if you have help here (India), even file inspection is allowed against small fee payment. Where was the question paper? when it was given to whom? who allowed it? has the rules followed and noted in the notes sheet of the respective files all can be inspected and even a copy of the same can be obtained.

With Regards KS Naveen
Kiran Kumar: Well that’s a good move. But RTI is just information that’s officially available. One application is enough and rest is the action point we need to build.
RTI filing by Many does not create a pressure point on any responsible body in the government.

Kalgudi Naveen: Yes. But, if many are filed, it creates pressure.

Kiran Kumar: It’s the same information shared with as many apply. It does not.
Kalgudi Naveen: Yes

Yogish: Kiran, I don’t think that many are going file RTI, which is my understanding.

Kiran Kumar: It is not a social or political forum to create pressure. Let’s understand the dynamics of it first.
We need the support of media and social media to take it to bigger scale.

Yogish: I think one RTI application should be enough.

Kalgudi Naveen: I just shared whatsapp of Vishweshwar bhat, editor of Vishwavani. If anybody is willing to write, that would be good.
A write up from the US Indians will have more value, I suppose

Yogish: Yes, I agree. All of us should post in social media.

Kiran Kumar: As it was discussed earlier, a petition with around 30k signatures should make a pressure.

Yogish: May be file a Petition using to make sure that this type of problem will not occur again. I don’t know how effective and how many votes required ?

Kalgudi Naveen: Getting votes is not a problem. People will definitely vote.
But, the authorities. What it means to them?

Kiran Kumar: If it is addressed directly to the minister of primary education it will definite become a pressure point.
Kalgudi Naveen: Now the news is Tutorials are in the background. So…

Kiran Kumar: If the online petitions can actually work with central government, it should work with the state government too
Add CM also as a part of the petition
Failing to act on public demand, we can even question that in court. But, the Petition has to be lawfully strong.

Krishna Prasad: RTI for what? I just saw…the msgs…is it for leaked papers?

Kiran Kumar: Certain secret details are not covered under RTI.
Yogish: Here are some of the victories through
Kiran Kumar: Kindly check if the matter can come under RTI Naveen.
Kiran Kumar: That’s right Yogish. Public voice finds logical end if we pitch it right

Krishna Prasad: Already many organisation are behind it.. ..if we see TV today all are behind it…definitely if we have journalist friend we will get the Information
What is our motto here…are we fighting for justice for students?or we want to improve the schools? What are trying to get out of RTI?

Kiran Kumar: As per my knowledge of the system, 10th and 12th examinations are the secret processes. And any such process which has to be secret are not covered under RTI. Any how, one application would get the results. The same can be spread around if they share that information

Krishna Prasad: Question paper leaked entire system is awake….right from siddramiah to kimmane….lady IAS officer to CBI Sonia Narang…….school kids to media and parents….abvp to all organisation… All agree lapse in a system…now RTI covers or doesn’t cover what benefit are we going to get to full fill our motto?..

Kiran Kumar: That’s an interesting question too KP. True. Are we up to fighting the system or finding solutions in the system?

I agree. And rest my argument. ????

Kiran Kumar: Right. Let’s create a pressure point like a petition.
And provide solutions and bring in pressure to implement it. There is no shying away.

Kiran Kumar: CBSE has proposed open book exams. And I thought nk in a few years CBSE will accept that.

Yogish: I have seen this disease (question paper leak) in my childhood starting from 7th grade. Till today we did not find any solution to stop this.

Krishna Prasad: Everybody has chance to learn from the mistakes..definetly our petitions may help in supporting role and create a Hoffman pressure…..I pretty much sure we have very capable administrators in KAS,IAS,IPS cadre will have fullproof system in place next time……

Kiran Kumar: From school head masters or principals to all in the system till the commissioner should understand the need to provide equal opportunity to all the students appearing for examinations. If one faults, the system goes for a toss.

Krishna Prasad: Now let’s find out the solution how we can improvise….

Kiran Kumar: I feel a strong petition with around 30k to 50 k people would certainly put pressure on government.
If we need changes in the examination system, we should derive one with some one who has vast knowledge about the system and get it signed by many.

Krishna Prasad: According TRIZ technique…first we need to check a. Problem is it a real problem?… b. Out some principle we can check what are probable solutions..(as per TRIZ)…c. Really we have to ask ourselves how does this exams helps individuals to achieve extraordinary……just if we replace exams with something else solve this…

Kiran Kumar: ???? valid. All of us need a strong brainstorming before actually we start putting out some solutions.

Akhila Vidyasandra: By tomorrow the media will bring out the statistics on qn paper leaks. Just analyse the sites and lets put up the petition.

Akhila Vidyasandra: Suspension of 40 officials is not a solution. They will sit at home and eat 50%of the salary freely, if the allegations are not proved , they get the rest of their salary and job back.

Kiran Kumar: I think we should find some time and have a Skype chat if necessary

Akhila Vidyasandra: We need the system to be changed for better
Education should not be a torture for children.
Bloody fools, police have lati charged on children

Kiran Kumar: Absolutely. Evaluation system needs to resigned and it is pending for ages now

Akhila Vidyasandra: How will they study in that pain, humiliation, and frustration

Kiran Kumar: At least this group should take the lead and provide futuristic methods.

Akhila Vidyasandra: Let the petition in the name of the group if all agree .

Girish Mudigere: Lets wait

Akhila Vidyasandra: If not we have various forums, and can be used. Akhila Vidyasandra: That should not be a problem.

Krishna Prasad: Truly said…..tats what…we are following British set system which always encourages you to become a slave…rather than our Vedic system says… Oolvanu athiyuthama,,vyapari madyam,then you all know aalu kelsadava adhama…..Or neecha

Akhila Vidyasandra: Please don’t bring in manusmrithi here.. Thats a stupid statement. We don’t consider anyone high or low here

Krishna Prasad: Madam if u understand it’s better otherwise u need not react

Girish Mudigere: Kindly stop for the day

Akhila Vidyasandra: You better be sensitive and sensible here. THIS INSTRUCTION /HUMBLE REQUEST IS FOR ALL.

Girish Mudigere: Lets come back….main motto is improving schools through available resources.

Lets refocus. RTI discussion is good, doesn’t seem to fit in our core direction. However, if any of you or few of you in group wish to file RTI, we do not object. We Kindly request those take forward independently. One more request to all team members is to avoid negative words please.

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