Group Discussions – April 23 2016

Girish Mudigere added Mr Kiran Aradya,Ms Laasya,Mr Mahesh Arali, Mr M. B. Hulikere, Mr.Ram Ajekar and Mr Satya Ramesh

Ram Ajekar: Writer and press reporter frm Vishwavani Kannada daily Karkla division

This is worth reading to understand why 90% of us children go to public schools
Mr Satya Ramesh: His work so far are

It was my dream to work with students from Rural Areas. With sixteen years of experience as a Teacher working with students from varied cultures, socio-economic strata both in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat helped me gain insight into what it means to be a True Citizen. Since my college i have tried myself to involve in activities such as Janmabhoomi (started in AP), National Adventure Camp (Pachmarhi), Blood Donation Camps and most importantly through way of writing value based articles on educational guidance and counselling. Looking forward for a journey where i can contribute to the best of my ability towards the noble cause of Education.

Yogish: Most of the volunteers have no time to go through our website. But definitely will view 5 mins video to understand our programs. It should be mainly to target our volunteers. just an example

May be with few slides and with existing few projects with some videos we should be able to make an video
I can add the video in front page of our web site . Any volunteers ?

17. Satya Ramesh: Early identification of children with Special Needs with the help of Professionals from the relevant area and timely intervention to put them on the right track.

18. Satya Ramesh: Sir, Orientation for Parents on Parenting Skills + various aspects related to Physical and Mental Health.

Gururaj Paramesha: Our HP employees are always motivated in doing this kind of activities coz we have well structured CSR process and good team work. Yogish sir thanks for sharing this sample video…

Gururaj Paramesha: Girish sir we will work towards school infrastructure and quality improvement in government schools
Tomorrow v have first meeting for Bangalore volunteers

Agenda for Tomorrow’s Meeting:
a) Welcoming each member and self introduction.
b) walk through the website to know the core objectives of our organisation.
c) Formation of core Bangalore Team
d) Identifying the government schools near to our residential places and get to know their requirements
(This will be for our pilot study)
e) Walk through the Karnataka Education Department website to know the current status of education system in Karnataka.
(If you have laptop or tablet you can get it, we will provide wifi facility)

Location: The Bharat Scouts and Guides, State Head Quarters, Shanti Gruha, Palace Road (Next to Maharanis Womens College), Bangalore 01,

This meeting exclusively for Bangalore members open to others also…

We request other district volunteers to hold a meeting it will help to know each other personally…

Mahesh Arali: Thank u Girish sir for adding me to group..Namaskara to all. I am Mahesh Arali from Ghtaprabha , belgaum dist. Presently working with Microsoft in Seattle WA, USA

Even though I joined the group a day ago I am overwhelmed by the ideas, discussions and passion to fix public education by this team.. U guys r really doing awesome job

I will share my ideas and views.
I will start with “English” subj with my personal story.

I studied in govt school in my village and then joined navodaya school from 6th grade. I learnt English alphabets in 5th stds and was still struggling to read when I was in 7th.. English was nightmare for me and I was weak student in the class as novodaya is CBSE school with all subj in English. Those years were horrible years of my life. It beats ur confidence when ur weak student in the class. Finally in 8th I picked up. I almost took 3 years to learn to read and write in English.. My weak foundation in English shows traces now when I make terrible spelling or grammatical mistakes. I am in tech where thz things won’t matter much

I have 2 sons. A kindergartner and 1st grader both go to govt school in USA. I see them picking up learning to read and understand and within a year or two.

When I analyzed both experiences what I see is fundamentally it was the method..

Following things helped my sons to learn to read write faster than me
#1. They learnt phonics of alphabets along with alphabet . In some schools they first teach only phonics and then actual alphabet sound

#2. Reading small words with phonics

#3. Mastering site words by reading , charts and writing

#4. Teachers and parents reading story books to them every day minimum of 15 mins

#5. Kids started reading with help every day 15 to 30 mins

I will write detailed article with online resources and would like to see this method getting adopted in public schools.

Looking forward for ur views, suggestions and experiences on this subj.

Thank you

Guru Poornima added MUST Moinuddin. Welcome Moin Sir, Dear Friends I have added Mr.Moinuddin who is a person of enthusiasm and he is also an Educationist,Environmentlist,writer and good motivational orator, he was my boss and running nagnufuque Public School in Bangalore

Girish Mudigere: We want this to be an Abhiyana to transform Anganavadis, Government Schools to be transformed culturally, as well infrastructure to produce moral and ethical priductive citizens

Tandavmurthy: Pls.inform about special schools and colleges for slow learners after matriculation

Lokesh Alambuda: ನಮ್ನ ನಡೆ ಶಾಲೆ ಕಡೆ

Chaya Chandra Acharya: I am very confident that our group will bring some change to government school. My long time dream may come true. Thanks to girishji and WhatsApp

Yogish: Very good initiative to bring all members of Bangalore in to one place and to discuss. Please take some action items as mentioned in the agenda. Good to know that wifi too is available. It would be nice if each district members conduct meetings like this. Excellent initiative to all.

Please let us know how many are signed up to attend the meeting ?

District Wise Direct Contacts

Yogish: I guess you have an agenda to meet nearby schools. Please make a list of schools that you are going to meet.
Let’s not make huge promise to school teachers that we are going to develop school in to international standard. Let’s go with small agenda first. Promise only the development work that we can deliver or we are capable of delivering now. Every school have 100+ requirements, but we can’t deliver all or we can’t promise too. So let’s promise the things that we can deliver with our existing resources. Let’s make small promises, but we will try to deliver big.

Gururaj Paramesha: We will not promise anything and tomorrows meeting I will ask each team member to identify any govt schools near to them and get to know the school environment let’s nt disclose in the first instance that v are coming frm so and so organisation just go as a public volunteer and have firsr hand experience.

Girish Mudigere: Our priority work for next two months to copy South Kanara model example Lokesh sir work

Namma nade shaale kade

Gururaj sir…we can say that we are volunteers ….not donors

Yogish: Why do we send our children to public schools in America.
1. Facilities and academic programs and also the extra curricular activities available in public schools are equally good to private schools, but at free of cost

2. Language of teaching is English both in public and private. No language restrictions like in our govt schools where our govt impose rules to teach only in kannada.

3. Those who studied in public schools too ( in large numbers) qualify to go to top 10 universities for graduation programs. And later get in to highly paid job like any other students who learned in private schools

If these 3 things are assured in public schools in India, every parent will send their children to public schools.

Girish Mudigere: V true…..all should opt for Government Schools. Non government schools should focus on training skills like plumbing, Electricians etc etc….
If we derive priority list to Government to work on and help to implement …..100% sure we go beyond USA

Because our cultural values are stronger though USA public schools are extremely rich…..

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