Group Discussions – April 21 2016

Prashanth: Blood requirement for Needy

Dhananjaya J:

There are 26 members in this O+ list in Domluru, bangalore with phone number n details 👆

Chandrakant Acharya: Prashantji please kindly provide details as follows on any blood request. Requirement: x GP + or – whole blood or components:patient name / id : hospital/blood bank where needed, contact person details… these will help both needy and donor!!!

And most of the time, requirement will be met when we post!!!

Yogish: Girish, why don’t we add top 10 issues along with already listed issues in web site instead of listing again from the beginning?

Here is the link that I compiled on feb 10.

Groupwise Discussions

Gururaj Paramesha: As we are committed for the development of government schools..

Gururaj Paramesha: 7. Providing scholarships for 10th passed children with distinction for higher studies.

If yes can we name the scholarship as Dr.Abdul Kalam Scholarship for meritorious students. We will find the donors.

Yogish: Let’s include new issues in this existing page instead creating new one

Yogish: Top 10 issues identify maadi solutions try maadona


1. Improve Anganavadis and admissions to primary schools

2. Find methods to avoid dropouts

3. Language related issues

4. Improve quality of teachers, address shortage of teachers….Giving quality education, to improve teaching using advanced technlogies.

5. Volunteers to involve

6. Breakfast, evening snacks, study materials , bag, clothing etc

Above are latest created list.

2, 4, and 6 are already there in our web page and are discussed in detail earlier. May be we can add new one such as 1, 3, and 5 in to our existing web page.

Yogish: I think we have to move forward to drive our volunteers to deliver one or two things from this list to one or two schools in next academic year.

Now teachers are coming forward through website to register their school. Also volunteers registering through our website. So we are getting noticed and responses are coming slowly. So we have to start working on current projects like water filter, notebook delivery etched. Prabhu got few Bangalore schools list now to deliver school starter kit. So our roadmap appears to be clear now to deliver these things to schools.

Gururaj Paramesha: Yes will plan for our first meetup. To discuss above highlighted points. Notebook distribution drive will start in government schools any1 interested can donate noteebooks directly to the school no cash accepted only books from donors accepted.

Yogish: No, as per my understanding one of our member is co ordinating the notebook delivery for the following schools. We don’t take book donation from individuals

Yogish: List of schools requested for water filter is also there in the same page. Girish is directly working with a company to deliver water filter project. I think the company is ready to donate 60 water filter system (2 schools per district)

I have to add notebooks delivery project too in this page . So far about 1200 notebooks are requested by 6 to 7 schools

Gururaj Paramesha: So we have already donors for notebooks right.?

Yogish: Few schools requested projectors, computers and English classes too

I think Akhila is working with SDMC to provide breakfast to students. I guess proposal is made already. Not sure whether it is approved or not. May be Akhila have more information about it.

Akhila Vidyasandra: As of now, it is pending but undisputed since its vacation and also focusing on makkala mane ( 2 rooms to fulfill immediate need through doners ) and all new building for entire school.

Today again we are meeting education minister at 4 to discuss on common schooling and our school issue

This is the status, anyone wants to join please contact me

Breakfast and snacks will be taken care by panchayat along with the salary of makkala mane teacher. hopefully it will be realised

Need to sit down for another round of discussion.

Siddu Diwan:

Akhila Vidyasandra: Dear Raj, Let’s decide the date, time and venue for the bangalore meet

Gururaj Paramesha: Date:24th April 2016, Timings:11AM, Venue as I told it will b The Bharat Scouts and Guides, Karnataka State Head Quarters, Shanti Gruha, Palace Road, next to Maharanis Womens College, Bangalore-01

Google map location I will send by evening

First Bangalore Meetup on 24th April 2016, Sunday expecting more participation

Rakesh Gowda: Am in

Harsha Kadur: ✋ ಖಂಡಿತ ಬರ್ತೀನಿ

Panchappa: What program is on 24th friends?

Rakesh Gowda: Monthly Meetup for discussing about implementaion of govt school

Gururaj Paramesha: Meetup to discuss on Bangalore and Bangalore surrounding districts government schools requirements

Akhila Vidyasandra: I think 11 to 1 or 1.30 would be great. Please make sure all are reaching the venue by 10.50am so that we can start the meeting in time and finish at the earliest.

Gururaj Paramesha: 11:00AM is scheduled so we can wait max 10mins… since all of us are adults and its volunteering activity which we can’t enforce any1.

What I expect from each one of you is to come with enthusiasm and passion for the meeting.

One more thing I would like to update.. without evidence and statistics we will not be able to make any decisions so if you guyz have any evidence or statistics please bring it to the meeting table so that we can discuss on future action plans on that.

Girish Mudigere: We have good response from John Deere. Around 5 Lakhs Rupees is projected by them through our member.

We need to provide good project plan. Can few of you help on preparing please

They asked us to send a proposal starting what we want to do. Purpose and output expected. What are you expecting from JD, like percentage support. Once he recurves this he will speak about it to the management. Is there a way you can use ur experience and put a proposal together.

What we can do.. We can call it stage 1 .. Stage 2.. And get the funds in different stages

If we can present them with some good slides like, program objective , what we have done so far, what we are willing to do, how can they fill the gap and our proposal.. It will work. !!

Guru sir….can you take lead?

Gururaj Paramesha: tell me what I should do…I will work on that…

Girish Mudigere: Kindly start preparing a presentation

We shall take five government schools one each in four directions and one at center Karnataka

We start lowest level of work and grow all five schools in few years

Our Goal is to make those five schools through John Deere and other companies to take to international levels

Gururaj Paramesha: I will start ground work to identify 5 government schools from north south east west and center of Karnataka

Girish Mudigere: Do not put names of schools now.

Girish Mudigere: Added MUST Praveen Kulkarni. Team please welcome Mr Praveen Kulkarni

Praveen Kulkarni: Hello… I am Praveen Kulkarni, pursuing my Mtech in Bangalore. : Mr Praveen Kulkarni is from Belagavi and very keen in improving schools and society

It’s great pleasure to work with u all…and thank you sir for adding me

Girish Mudigere: Most of us request everyone of you to go through our website before any of you post anything here: if topic is not ad per below please do not post:

Regularly……please visit to understand our team focus

Prashanth: Tomorrow we are distributing food to more than 100 slum kids. Anyone interested can Join…

Place: Kadugodi, Whitefield Timings: 4.30 PM

Girish Mudigere: Prashanth appreciate ….lets try execution through Anganavadis, Keep up good work though.

Yogish: A sample of report related to ‘provide safe drinking water for govt school kids’ by Hindu Seva Prathistana is available in their website. Water sample has to be tested by the vendor at selected schools where we are planning to donate

A storage system of about 80 to 100 liters to collect the purified waters to make drinking water available all the time is also required. Regular maintenance of changing the filters depending upon the contamination level is most important

Number of students and consumption of water per day too has to be submitted

Depending upon the water contamination the purifier will be installed. In some cases more filtration is required and frequent maintenance too. Please refer this link and anyone can write report with number of schools and number of students in each school and also the daily consumption including water storage requested . Then sample test is required by vendor to decide about the water purification system.

Then we can submit the report to our donor to request the funding. This is my thoughts. Girish can add more. I will ask my friend too to prepare the report (who is supplying water purifier mainly to industries)

Nagesh TK: Here fluoride problem. What about our school sir

Yogish: Let’s check the solution Nagesh Sir

Yogish: Ravi Raj and Nagesh Sir I will send his number directly to you. You can talk to him freely on Saturday or Sunday. Then decide how to send water sample

Yogish: His name is Muralidhar and company name is FCS. He is living in Jayanagar 4th block next to cosmopolitan club

I just shared his number to you both. Please proceed. Best time is to call him his after 7PM. He said that he installed water purifier system at muddenhalli at Chikkaballapura district

Gururaj Paramesha: Sir biggest Requirement to load the water to tanker we need motor also

Yogish: Let’s prepare report for one school by testing the quality of water. Same report can be duplicated by changing the school address and other information

Gururaj Paramesha: Our frnds donated a RO water purifier and school requested for motor also to load water to the tanker

Balaji: Who is working on budget and event management ?

Will Google drive work for us ?

Girish Mudigere: Team

Please suggest:

Lets categorize three type of schools

To be Developed


Beyond Developed

List 25 points for each category focus. Lets work on top five points in each category. Lets not get deep into logistics of any issue. Lets connect two ends. Donor and needy

Ganesh Bhat: Good discussion. Ongoing our group

Girish Mudigere: We shall work on focused ateas

Girish Mudigere: Atleast starting we shall focus. Later we can try other areas



Teachers appointment

Forcing Government Etc Etc Lets take later

Girish Mudigere:

Lets categorize three type of schools

To be Developed Schools(Points 1 to 10)

Developing Schools(Points 1 to 15)

Advancing Schools(Points 1 to 25)

Lets work on top few points in each category of Schools

Lets not get deep into logistics of any issue

Lets connect two ends – Giver and Taker and Monitor

Priorities for “To be Developed” Schools

1. Improve Anganavadis and admissions to primary schools

2. Find methods to avoid dropouts – Provide Breakfast, Evening Snacks, good Cloths or uniforms, bags etc, lots of books, shoes, stationaries etc, Improve Basic sports, Identify Various talents in each kid(Not just First Second and Third prizes), Combs, Hair Oil, Water Bottles, inner garments, Soaps, Powder, Teach neatness etc
3. Language related issues – Local Language, Mother Tongue, English and Hindi – Improve black boards, better usage of available materials etc.

4. Improve quality of teachers, address shortage of teachers….Giving quality education, to improve teaching using advanced technlogies. Computers, Projectors etc

5. Volunteers: Involve Volunteers for various Activities – Cleaning till Teaching

6. Breakfast, evening snacks, study materials , bag, clothing etc.

7. Clean Rooms, Campus, Plant and create Gardens, Beautify Building, Beautify Rooms, walls, Campus…….add Rooms, buildings
water, drainage
rangamandira etc etc

8. Advanced Sports, Bring Scouts, Guides, effectively.NCC, NSS?

9. Improve infrastructure by adding latest technology to class rooms, adding new classrooms, Adequate Tiolets

10. Identify Donors Companies or Government Schemes for few above and see execution through appropriate Bodies

11. 24 Hours Electric Power Supply, or Adopt Solar, wind, Hydraulic or any suitable Power

12. Avoid Mal nutrition, improve Food

13. 24 Hours Water Supply Clean, neat and tidy Toilets

14. Excellent rich garden and lawns

15. Highly sophisticated Teaching Tools etc

16. Advanced, High level guest speakers etc

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