7th Sept 2016


Girish Mudigere: Anyone aware any NGO who collect our paper waste from office….Tata technologies is willing to donate…… Waste paper only

Arun: Girish Sir we do collect waste and old newspapers

Alambuda:Teacher’s write up affects Officers Mindset?

Girish Mudigere: Teacher badalu SDMC member more suitable or not?

: Parents also can try to take lead to fix Alva? Because teacher should be helped to teach

Nagaraj Puttur: ಭಾರತೀಯ ಜೀವವಿಮಾ ನಿಗಮ ಸುಳ್ಯದ ರೋಟರಿ ಶಾಲೆಗೆ 25 ಲಕ್ಷ ವಿಶೇಷ ಅನುದಾನವನ್ನು ನೀಡಲಿದೆ…. ಈಗಾಗಲೇ ತಾಂತ್ರಿಕ ಒಪ್ಪಿಗೆ ಸಿಕ್ಕಿದೆ..

+91 9 ………: 🙏💐

Girish Mudigere: Excellent input

Is it a government school or not Nagaraj Sir

Lets try to encourage government schools

Nagaraj Puttur: May be aided.. Sir ji.. Dey sent proposal two years back , now its accepted… Any school or govt sector  organizations can send proposal..

Chaya Chandra Acharya: If we tap CSR funds, we can improve govt school. But all the government school should know that big organization staff hard work is given them

+91 7 ………..: Yes, contributions can be conditional

Girish : Excellent Sir V true. We should help them for better utilization

Yogish: Official pictures of the sept 3 event sent by Gururaj https://plus.google.com/_/notifications/emlink?emr=09308376533603342373&emid=CPHnx-PP_M4CFcebHgodvbkPTA&path=%2Fphotos%2F116297348697298382197%2Falbums%2F6327458912811780577%3Fauthkey%3DCPG__tv-ntmcfw&dt=1473229557473&ub=21


Girish Mudigere added Parshuram


Parshuram:I am parashuram Guttal. I am prmry teacher in  gurbarga dist chittapur taluk in ghps aldihal as a science teacher.I read abut ur developing schl society in  facebook.  I am also having a ambition of making a schl became model school.i need ur help

+91 96…….: Thank u girish sir fr adding to the group

Kalleshachar added +91 81………

Krishnamurthy: Girish Ji – whether DS has any blue print of DS

Proposed Model school?

May be few problems & solutions are common and applicable for most of the schools?..

Harshiya Bhanu: Posted link on: Upayukta mahithiya kannada birudankitharu…  24pages. Avashyavagi download madikolli.

Krishnamurthy: ಕನ್ನಡಿಗರು ಅವಶ್ಯವಾಗಿ ತಳಿದಿ ಕೂಂಡಿರಬೇಕಾಗಿರತಕ್ಕಂತಹ ಉಪಯುಕ್ತ ಮಾಹಿತಿ , ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು ಅರಿಷ್ಯ(Harshiya) ಅವರಿಗೆ

Dr HS Padma: Dr Nagamma and self visited 3govt.schools krishnaiah napalya; old byappanahalli; binnamangala; around  old madras road.

Yogish: http://developschools.org/projects/spandana-event-report


Yogish: Can someone please send me the list of coordinator of sept 3 event, I have presenter mentors and chief guest info.

I need to add coordinators name too in my report so that we can invite them for the next or upcoming events to coordinate and assign the same responsibility.

Snapshot of survey too will be added in the report along with picture and video

Krishnamurthy: Poornima – I guess You have that list which was prepared by Dasappa students and given to you please send the snap of it to Yogish

Gentle Reminder with few Updates and action points and responsibilities assigned and prepared by the Team

★ Assembly

All volunteers,



★ Involvement

★ Orientation

★ Registration



Smt.Manjula B V.

★ Inauguration

Preparation responsibility

Poornima Dutt.👍

★  Introduction

Girish Mudigere👍

★ Saplings for guests

Gururaj and Shivaraj 👍

★ Food and refreshments



★ Moderator,Rajesh and

Kalgudi Naveen,poornima



Dasappa and Rakshith👍

★ Screen and Projector

Girish Mudigere.👍

★  Mike and sound system


Arranged for and

provided by Surendra


And will be co- ordinated

Dasappa’s Team.👍


★ Event Brochure Design


★  Event Brochure Printing

Hemanth Sharma👍

★ Mentor’s Name Board

Jyothi Rao👍

★ Agenda print outs

Girish Mudigere👍

★ Banner

Poornima Dutt👍

★ Badge for all mentors and


Mr.Amit 👍

★Master Co-ordinator, who    consolidates the entire    inputs from all the groups.

Kalgudi Naveen,Poornima

Mallesh, and Rajesh👍

★ Programme Manager

Poornima Dutt👍

★ Masters of ceremony

R J    Nazma👍

R J.   Asha Vishwanath👍

R J    Santhosh👍

★Website in charge


Yogish Kasargod👍

★Website and online


Sunitha 👍and Krishna


Yogish: I got the list by scrolling up. Please double check if this is ok

I think there are some changes in the coordination as Naveen Kalgudi did not participate

Sulochana: Gm Yogish sir questions r excellent

Yogish: Done. The report is ready in website except photo. I will wait for few more days to upload the survey results. Waiting for more participants to fill out the survey

Rajesh: For inspiration!!!

+91 81……. : Sir.scl implement adru out of scl children sakashtu edare.adake nima suggesion tilisi from meena mpschool.

Murali: http://everylifecounts.ndtv.com/undernourishment-among-schoolkids-highest-in-bihar-reveals-survey-4684?pfrom=home-environment

Gururaj Paramesha: Today I will share you the picasa link… …Only photos I have

Posted an TOI article a teacher who walks 10kms to teach..

Yogish: Thank you Gururaj. Please share photo and video link both if possible

Mudigere: Meena madam…..one of us will respond

Mohammed Syed: I found this👆🏼 clip about bombay slums most inspiring. I wonder if we could do something similar or better, God willing…

Mohammed Syed: a video to inspire slum kids to come to school attached.

Mudigere: We need to work on this

Kollegala Sharma: I would consider this as a two step intervention.

  1. Bring back to school.
  2. Take school to them


1 should be adopted for those who are still young and can be put in primary. The focus should be to bring them to school. I see manh efforts to take school to them. But after some intervention, do they go back again? We have no definite answers. Dropouts from primary have to be brought back to school. Then only we can give basuc schooling that prepares them to go higher up.

2 is for high school dropouts. They can also be brought back. But if they have remained too long outside the school, they need a mix of adult education and skill development. Taking school to them might work.

For those beyond 20 adult sducation or open schools could be better solutions.

The problem is many are working in all these fields looking at the issue as separate – socio-economic, learning disability and so on- but for me it is a single problem. Disinterest in schools. How do we make schools more attractive for everyone? That is the question we should be asking.

Kollegala Sharma: My data is slow. Will respond to videos in the evening.

Chandra Acharya: Children always live in present. Poverty is main reason for dropout. And whatever they r learning in school is nowhere connected to their life style or otherwise. These r the main fundamental things will be going on in their mind

Sharma: Is there any data in dropouts from private schools?

Mohammed Syed: Dr. Gururaj Karajgi on creativity.

Mohammed Syed: Please do not hesitate to stop me for wrong posts

Kollegala Sharma: Agree


+91 988………..: Rj Santosh n rj asha r not m.cs

Yogish: Who were master of ceremony ?. Everyone praised Najma and entire RJ team saying that they gave professional touch for the program.

No problem photo should be good. Did anyone took video ?

Rajesh: Can we also see photos!!!

Yes, I will upload in to our website once Gururaj send all the photos

Please let me know the preferred date for workshop related to open source.  Kiran is can contact on Saturday or Sunday. Workshop will be for 3 days

So far around 15 signed up.

I don’t want to create formal signup page like sept 3 event.

+91 98……..: Oly Najma

Yogish: Ok. Only Najma right?

Paramesha: Sir no problem as I have worked with him closely for more than a decade now..

Rajesh: Do we have tentative dates for workshop!!!

Yogish: How about Saturday 24?

Mohammed Syed: Please visit Today’s Deccan Herald for Article by Yugank  Goyal ” No Country for Teachers ”

I need to check with Kiran too before fixing the date

Yogish: Saturday September 24

Hemanth Sharma: OK for me

Kollegala Sharma: One day?

Yogish: He will conduct for full day or half day .

You can bring your high school going children if they want to learn

Sharma: I have a proposal. Can we have it in Mysore. VLEAD has come forward to provide the venue.

Yogish: Sharma sir, let’s conduct one in Bangalore first. Venue is already booked. He will do it one more in Mysore if he have bandwidth

Yogish: Girish, can you please confirm the LH conference room on sept 24 ?

I will create a small group of 15 participants soon and then include Kiran in that group. We can dissolve that group once the workshop is over

Paramesha: Ok

Yogish: Gururaj, the google album that you sent have only one picture. Can you please take a look ?

Paramesha: Now check.First one was testing. .

Rajesh: Friends! We are ready with a workshop on Living Life Values! For Students, Teachers and Parents.

I can share more information to those interested!!!

Girish  added NGO  Rajashree

Syed: Interested if in Bangalore Mr Rajeshkan….

Girish : Rajashree mam running organization near Kengeri.Helping government schools near Sonenahalli gate.Please introduce mam

Sunitha: Welcome mam

Rajesh: Kengeri!!! Good news. I have a Government school there which needs assistance in English Teaching!!! Help is welcome!!!!

+91 9………: I live there @kengeri.I know the Principal of Kengeri Govt School

Girish: Who live there..kindly form a whatsapp group.Anyone interested to join me tomorrow after 7 pm.

One team asked me to present ds.org. Malleshwaram bengaluru

Paramesha: Which org sir.?

Girish  Mudigere: One NGO…… I am trying to get name etc

Paramesha: Yuvabengaluru.No.Mr Raghu Yadav also called.May be for Saturday.Two are different…..both are separate programs.I will get details.Tomorrow we have any meeting.?

Girish : One org invited tomorrow sir….few of us can go makkeshwaram  7.30pm.Who all? Please nominate. Yourself to Malleshwaeam

Yogish: Official pictures of the sept 3 event sent by Gururaj https://plus.google.com/_/notifications/emlink?emr=09308376533603342373&emid=CPHnx-PP_M4CFcebHgodvbkPTA&path=%2Fphotos%2F116297348697298382197%2Falbums%2F6327458912811780577%3Fauthkey%3DCPG__tv-ntmcfw&dt=1473229557473&ub=21

http://developschools.org/projects/spandana-event-report event report is ready. Please give me your feedback if there is any error



Yogish: Anyone ready to co ordinate for seed ball program at Chikkaballapura ?. You need to coordinate with Uttishta Bharath volunteers and Nagesh teacher

I will add Nagesh sir here

Nagesh sir already in this group

Nagesh sir, please fix the venue talking to Reddy sir and local people. One of our member in this group will contact Niranjan of Uttishta Bharath and co ordinate

Rakesh can you please lead this effort from our side?. Nagesh sir will lead from Chikkaballapura

Girish Mudigere: 😊👍🙏

Nagesh TK: Today I will talk with reddy sir

Yogish: Thank you Nagesh. Any volunteers ready to talk to Uttishta Bharath team?.

Nagesh TK: I will talk with who are interest sir

Yogish: Can I call you now Nagesh sir ?

Nagesh TK: Sir please I will call you. I am in hospital, my daughter is not wel

Yogish: Don’t call me now. Take care of your daughter please

Girish Mudigere: 😊👍🙏Nagesh Sir….health…family health first

Yogish: Yes, seed ball program can wait.

Sept 24 Tentative:

Yogish created group “Workshop Sept24 Tentative”

Yogish added  Girish

initial list

  1. Sharma – Also looking for workshop HD Kote School
  2. Hemanth
  3. Harish
  4. Shivakumar
  5. Govindaraj – Korategere
  6. Krishnamurthy
  7. Surendra Shetty – Mangalore
  8. Lalith Prasad
  9. Rajesh Rao
  10. Narasimha Prabhu – Mangalore
  11. Shyamprasad – Udupi – He has seen the demo already
  12. Girish Mudigere – Chikkamagaluru
  13. Dr. Mohammad Ghouse – Raichur
  14. Gururaj Paramesh
  15. Leelavathi – Mandya

Yogish added MUST Gururaj Paramesha

Yogish added  Harish Kumar,  Krishnamurthy,  Rammy Ramesh, +91 9 ………….

Yogish added Mentor Lalit Prasad CS, NGO Leelavathi

Yogish added  Mohammed Ghouse

This is temporary group for workshop that Kiran is going to conduct. Tentative date is Sept 24.

  1. Girish will confirm the availability of LH by this weekend. We have paid for the hall already
  2. I will have to confirm with Kiran. I sent message to him
  3. This group will be deleted once the workshop is over
  4. You can decide whether you are looking for full day or half day workshop on Saturday Sept 24
  5. You are welcome to bring your high school going kid if they are interested


I don’t have phone numbers of following. Can someone please send ?. Then I will add here

  1. Shivakumar
  2. Rajesh Rao

Kumar: Shivu.vcf (file attached)

Shivakumar 👆🏻👆🏻

Yogish added +91 9………..

Yogish: Thank you Harish

Hemanth and Prabhu will go ordinate this workshop with Kiran

Kiran said that he will check if there is any appointment on Sept 24 and will get back to us

Rammy Ramesh: What is this workshop??

Leelavathi: +919 5……….. Rajesh rao

Lalit Prasad CS: Rajesh Reading Device.vcf (file attached)

Yogish: Now Hemanth knows about raspberry Pi . He already bought the device and started experimenting. Please get more info from him

Yogish added  Rajesh

Added Rajesh Rao too

Workshop on Creative Computing using Scratch on Raspberry Pi

You don’t have to fill the enrollment form of your name is already in this group.

Lalit Prasad CS: I had been using Raspberry pi for some time for my previous project , very interesting piece. Will the workshop include as how we could assign few applications to pi. Thanks

Yogish: I will add Kiran in to this group soon. Then he can answer to all your questions. Please bring your existing kit while coming for the workshop. If we required we can extend this workshop for full day

Rajesh: Thanks for adding!!!

Kiran agreed that Sept 24 is okay for him👍

My role is over once Kiran agreed to be added in to this group. Then Prabhu and Hemanth will follow up. Girish will confirm the LH conference hall by this weekend

Please decide whether you want full day or half day workshop

Kollegala Sharma: Half day till 3.00 pm would be fine for those like me comung from other places

Yogish: I agree, those who want to stay to do more experiments can stay back until 5 pm.

Is 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM okay ?

Kollegala Sharma: K.

Yogish added +91 7  ……..

I just added Kiran in to the group

Welcome Kiran 🙏💐

– +91 7 ………: 😊

Yogish: I guess the timing from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM looks okay for everyone including Kiran

Lalit Prasad CS: Yogish… I think some prep activities like fixing power ports, arranging junction boxes need to be taken care of…

Rajesh: Thanks!! Timing is fine. Let’s also circulate the agenda and brief summary of workshop and Trainer!!!

Yogish: Kiran, can you please send the agenda and summary of the workshop ?. I can put it on the website

Also please let us know the expectation from DS volunteers they completes the workshop

Rajesh: If students can benefit and venue LH is not feasable as per Laliths request!! We can do it in  a school where we have these facilities of connection etc!!!

In that school students can join voluntarily!!!

Yogish: I think you have to bring power supply and keyboard/mouse too to do some experiments.

You have to bring monitor too.

It’s easy to bring junction boxes. Let’s not change the venue for junction boxes. This workshop is only for DS volunteers to take this project to your nearest school or choice of your school. Infosys already doing workshop at various school.

+91 7 ………: School is a good idea. Will send agenda tonight

Yogish: Kiran, I agree that school is a good idea. But our volunteers focus will be distracted when children too are interacting at the same time.

May be Girish can suggest the school if we want to conduct workshop in school

Girish is already working with many schools in Jeevanbhimangar and Murugesh Palya. I think Girish will coordinate from school side.

+91 7 ……….: About Trainer : Malnad College of Engg Alumnee 88 Mech, last 25 years with Infy. Passionate about social service. We go and teach in Govt schools in weekends.

Yogish: Kiran, do you want me to add above info too in to the webpage that is already created along with the agenda that you are going to send.

+91 7 …..: No

Yogish: Ok, agreed

Even we conduct workshop in Obalappa’s school. Prabhu will talk to HM Obalappa. They have very good facilities in school including projector if we want





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