24th August 2019

Yogish: http://m.timesofindia.com/city/mangaluru/Kerala-Class-12-topper-Keerthana-opts-for-Mangaluru-engineering-college/articleshow/53168805.cms

” I was not happy with the colleges and the quality of education in my state Kerala. So, I decided to opt for an institution in Mangaluru, the education hub of Karnataka,”

Yogish: I remember my school days. Talking in Tulu was banned inside the classrooms. Teachers used to punish if children talks in Tulu. Good to know that Tulu is now taught in many schools and teachers are getting paid for teaching Tulu.

Kollegala Sharma: Here is an incident from a school in HD Kote. For the last three days the school is being managed by a single teacher because all other four teachers are on leave.  The vehicle they were travelling met with an accident and all four are in hospitals.  This may be one off incident.  But it raises another question.  How many teachers actually stay in the places of their work?  I have a good many teacher friends who travel every day to their school. One of the teacher travels all the way from Mysore to a school 100 km away.  Many teachers travel at least 60-70 kms from Mysore.  The reasons are many:

  1. The place of work does not have facilities. 2. Spouse works in the city so have to stay with him/her. 3. Children need better education (paradox when teachers say this). Daily travelling this way takes a toll on all. Do we know how many teachers stay at their places of work? Even in Bangalore teachers spend a lot of time travelling. This usually cuts short their interaction with the children.  How many schools suffer from such problem?  We need to understand.

Guru Poornima: Commuting issue?Lack of security?Strong and impt issue for the set back of Govt schools.Many such schools,children and children of respective schools are facing similar problems.

We shall make this point very positively in our forthcoming coming event👍

Girish Mudigere: Excellent inputs to review and respond

Kollegala Sharma: We need to know how many schools suffer from this.  Usually this is a complaint by many SDMCs.  But there two sides to the problem.  Many of the centres do not have sufficient housing options too.  This issue has to be made public and a solution has to be found. I wont blame teachers.  Cant we have housing complexes under some rural development programme (instead of so many community halls) for those teachers and others who need to work from villages.  I can compare the Navodaya schools here.  Navodayas are better because the teachers are also resident in the campus.  The Central Tibetan Schools where my wife once worked has schools in some of the most remotest places.  But all teachers are provided quarters and thus the children do not suffer. Schooling (note I am not using the word education) is always better in such schools though they are also Government schools.

Yogish: Yes, I have seen some teachers commute from Kerala or from border to some remote villages in Bantwal. Some commute from Puttur to Madikeri  too.

Guru Poornima: Yes especially,Teachers traveling to rural schools ,which are interior and in remote place, which is challenging for teachers.

Ex: when we had visited Ramnagar schools in huliyuru and hosadurga few teachers travel from Bangalore, and even in Vijaya pura hobli Devanahalli

And many more of course.

As a result, Teachers get fatigued physically and mentally and their performance deteriorates naturally.

Yogish: Mainly because teachers don’t want to move with their family from their permanent  or native village/city to the school where they are working. Teachers want their children to study in English medium schools in city. Therefore they don’t want to move with their family to remote villages.

I can give thousands of examples like this. I don’t want to bring language topic again. But this is the ground reality. You can do a survey.

Guru Poornima: On the other hand urban schools are also not performing well with less strength

Very true, every concept is inter related here, which is a chain system, ultimately affects the whole system of society

Yogish: So villages schools are suffering due to lack of teachers and also due to long commute of teachers.

Guru Poornima: Not only this, many other several reasonsCompromises and excuses for wrong reasons,playing an important role for the setback in quality and quantity as well in Govt schools .

Nagesh TK: Sir I hope you saw what’s problem in rural school ,

Kollegala Sharma: I will give a personal example.  My children studied in private schools, the Kannada school in Delhi and the CFTRI School in Mysore. Not because I wanted them but because both schools were associated with the organization where I worked.  But they were not post private schools.  But when one of the prestigeous engineering colleges in Bangalore asked my daughter (she stood among the top 15 in CET for eng and med both) to join their college and that they would provide all education free, she asked only one question. Can I get the peer group that I get in NITK?  I learnt my lesson that day.  Schooling does not depend on infrastructure alone.  It depends on teachers and peer group which makes up the environment.  Rest will be OK.  Private schools are hankered after because we parents beleive that uniform, infrastructure (of course, toilets are important) alone can give us education.

Sorry for the long post.  But we must create a pressure group which highlights the commuting problem.  Govt can easily use some funds under Rural development and housing to build quarters at Hobli level so that teachers can stay there and be near their students.


Yogish: Sharma sir, as you said quality of school is mainly depending upon quality of teaching. Of course peer group too make big difference. Infrastructure doesn’t matter.

Kollegala Sharma: I have also seen this.  Hommagaralli is a village some 30 km from Mysore. There is a school too. But everyday at least two or three private school vans bring children from there to Mysore.  There are private schools in Nanjangud, Gundlupet and Kollegal who ferry teachers everyday from Mysore and back.  Teachers are not paid princely sums, but they do spend at least four hours journeying.  These are private schools.  So Private or government, the issue is do we have basic amenities for extra population in the villages?  Yes. We can say teachers should stay, adjust and teach in village schools. Let us understand they too have their dreams for their children.  So the best is to think of the Pura concept which APJ advocated. Can we create basic amenities for those who have to serve in villages ( teachers, doctors, Village accountants) so that they can make villages their home?  This is a question for which we can’t provide immediate answers.  But with the kind of thinking that we are putting together of providing local solutions through local volunteering and local philanthropy, some progress can be made.  I have several possible solutions, but which needs a think-tank to sit together and do.  Direct action is only one option.  There are other methods we need to explore too.  DS is one of those.

Yogish: You have valid points. Did you enroll for mentoring on sept 3 event?. Why don’t you take this topic and have brainstorming session on sept 3. ? Just my suggestion.

Guru Poornima: Yes, very interesting and relevant👍

Kollegala Sharma: Yogish. I had chalked programmes for several schools and fixed up the programme. I would miss a brainstorming rather than disappoint children who will be waiting for me. I know I am missing a good opportunity to meet like minded people.Chalked out

Guru Poornima: Any chances of rescheduling ur programme sir?Just for a day?

Yogish: You have few solutions too and that can be discussed in the event. Future generation will be grateful even if you disappoint few children for a day. It’s your choice sir.

8 Dr HS Padma: 100 percent involvement of teachers only can make a government school to rise to expectations of people.

Yogish: 👍👍👍

Kollegala Sharma: One thing I am scared of is creating impression in young minds that we are casual. If I am serious, they too will.  Let me try. If I gate crash in the last minute, hope Poornima and Girish wont mind😀

Yogish: No problem, we will not put your name in the mentors list. But we are looking for your last minute surprise visit 👍

Naveed Ahmed: Excessive pampering must be avoided to children, write up on providing unconditional love towards children in today’s (24th August 2016) Prajavani sahapati, articulated by Respected Dr Chandrashekar sir, Assistant Director, SSA Bangalore 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆

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Girish  added  Nibi Augustine

Yogish: https://wikieducator.org/How_to_improve_state_government’s_schools_to_provide_quality_education%3F

Can we look in to these 👆 indicators to improve govt schools ?Is ‘Nali Kali’ practiced in private schools too ?

Krishnamurthy: My sister who teacher in rural Nanjangud daily commutes from Mysore*GMPSCHOOL Mallupura

Yogish – nice search of Compilation with respect to quality indicators

Kollegala Sharma: Good starting point for planning by volunteers. Check these parameters. Identify shortfalls. Fill in support only in those key areas. Then some impact can be definitely seen.

Jyothi: My cousin retired recently as a govt college principal. He was in high school and then moved to college. I know personally that he tried to do a lot of improvement programmers but not much progress as he found that either there is resistance from parents politically motivated , thereby resulting in transfers and also as the progress is very some even retire by the time things are put to work

8/Perseverance and implementation within a time frame is required

Kollegala Sharma: Education is one area where you cant see results immediately. Timescale for an individual may be fine, but for groups end point is the best, not deadlines.

Hemanth Sharma: Sharma sir, we feel privileged to have your guidance sir

Girish: 😊🙏

Jyothi: Some of them have retired waiting which makes it de motivating

Linnet D Silva: Government accepted 154 indicators are there in Sangama book. We can keep them.

Kollegala Sharma: For our purpose, we may not need all 154. We need to screen them, classify depending upon possible interventions and then draw an action plan.

Chaya Chandra Acharya: SIr, I agree with all u r point.

Guru Poornima: Yes in many play homes ‘Nali Kali’ concept is

successfully implemented.

Chaya Chandra Acharya: Travelling to work place is not a major problem. Every working profession needs travelling. My grand father used to walk almost 6 hours up and down. The health of teacher is creating a hurdle.If nali Kali is taught with love and affection it us too good othet wise it is just a waste of time, paper,pen and knowledge transfer is zero.

+91 9 …………..: Nali Kali is good concept, its attracting children towards school as well as creating interest on education

8 Chaya Chandra Acharya: It was successfully implemented in many school. Lot of planning and correct execution is required for that

Ravindra Prakasb: The teacher quarters were constructed by the princely state of Mysore . After 1980:s no teacher stayed in them.

Kollegala Sharma: <Media omitted>

Shakunthala Nayak: In Chicago I observed that each school has its own school boundary.Children within them only are admitted to the school. This is a policy. So if there is a similar policy for teachers, they will have to stay close to school.

Kollegala Sharma: With the employment conditions here, it will be a utopian wish.

Shakunthala Nayak: Yes sir  I agree .Also I liked the post card felicitation🙏🏻

Kollegala Sharma: That is a certificate I value more than a Rajyotsava award😀

Guru Poornima: 😊

Shakunthala Nayak: True😀👍

Kollegala Sharma: Look at that. He had written it with a lot of difficulty, and thought. Rewriting, correcting and then just one simple sentence from heart. Loved it.

Guru Poornima: 👍 😇 He may be wrong in writing, literally he has expressed his feelings

+91 7 ………..: Kindly attend Chaturvedi Swamy lecture at Prof. K. V. Gowda Memorial Auditorium, Bangalore University (Janabharati Campus, Near Kangeri), on 26 August at 10 am and 27 August 4 pm. Forward to all 🙏

Kollegala Sharma: Yes. That is the point.That is the certificate.

Guru Poornima: 👍

Kollegala Sharma: I have three years to push him to a better level and will do my best for that.

Girish : Welcome sir

Guru Poornima: Huge task but possible

Girish : Nibi Augustine Branding and Marketing consultant to developers in Bangalore, Mangalore & cochin,Office in Malleshwaram

Guru Poornima: Welcome Sir🙏

Kollegala Sharma: Welcome Nibi

Yogish: This rule is applicable in California state too. Your child is allowed to go to only to your home school in the area where you live unless it is lottery school. This rule is good. But the property value goes up very high in good school districts. For example I live in Cupertino school district where the API’s of schools are high. Rents too are very high in this school area. We can’t afford to buy house here. If we move out of this place our child will be removed from school.

Guru Poornima: Neighbourhood schools??

Dr Sandeep Nayak: Local property tax is linked with local education.

Yogish: Yes neighborhood schools.

Dr Sandeep Nayak: This is a good model with socialist approach. Why US is not very good is because, other systems are capitalist in nature and there is a mismatch.

Guru Poornima: Neighborhood schools are being experimented in India too…in some locations

Yogish: Yes residents of good school districts has to pay higher property taxes to when property value increase. Every year the county revises the property tax as and when value increases or decrease.

Kollegala Sharma: New Delhi has something like that

Guru Poornima: Yes

Dr Sandeep Nayak: This is Swaraj model. If effectively implemented, works very well. In US, there is a mismatch and that’s why it’s not affordable.

Kollegala Sharma: RTE has a rule in that direction, but used more in violation.

Guru Poornima: Even in Bangalore to facilitate the parents(when both the parents are working) and children as well ,specially in huge  apartments, they have started with kindergarten grade.

Yogish: I told you about the side effects of this system. Here only millionaires can afford to buy houses and pay taxes. Low income group people like me are not able to live in this area.

Schools are excellent including good infrastructure and good number of teachers in other school districts too. Only the students performance(exam score) is not good there.

Kollegala Sharma: Peer group?!

Yogish: Students performance is mainly depending upon students, peer group and involvement of parents in to their academics. Chinese and Indian parents gives lot of time to their students academics. In our school district majority are Indian and Chinese. So as I said earlier school infrastructure doesn’t matter. Infrastructure of both good and bad schools are equally excellent.

Krishnamurthy: In this group who else is working for environmental cause?

Yogish: We noticed that School API automatically goes up whenever IC’s(Indians and Chinese)live in that neighborhood. Then property value too goes up 😊

Kollegala Sharma: I think I touched a raw nerve somewhere, Yogish.

@ KM. I am sympathetic but am not active in the field.

Yogish: Sharma sir, Yes it is little sensitive topic. We can discuss further when we meet in Bangalore.

Kollegala Sharma: We will.

+91 9 …….: Was inspired by Dr.Abdul kalam and wanted to uplift the students studying in govt schools. Further, Iam new to the group and reside in cox town bengaluru. My locality has 2  govt school ( kannada & tamil) . 6 months back visited the tamil school and lacks teacher for maths & science.

Dr Sandeep Nayak: I am interested and have read few literatures regarding environment induced diseases. I have attended few conference. If anyone is interested to lead the activism, I would love to join.

Guru Poornima: Yes true, this was the condition we found in some schools we had visited.

Krishnamurthy: Dr. Sandeep, Last week I introduced one Volunteer by Name Suma Yelgalwadi who is bit active in environmental protection

Dr Sandeep Nayak: Please add me to the groups if you know any. 👍🏽


– Education

– Girls and women

– Innovation, research and entrepreneurship

– Sanitation and water

– Poverty and Hunger

– Environment

– Cooperatives

– Decentralization

– Policy advocacy

– Agriculture

– Environment

These are the areas I am interested in.

+91 9 …………..: We wanted to do jatha of environmental Ganesha in chikkabidarakallu

Preparations are going on

Dr Sandeep Nayak: Good move. Let’s take this discussion on seperate group as this group is concentrating on education sector

Krishnamurthy: Suma good that you got into discussion when Dr Sandeep is on line

Girish – in Parishrama Group’some of them were involved  in tree planting activity in Schools , do you remember them?

May be Poornima too can throw some light on this subject to make them & form a separate Group for environmental cause

Guru Poornima: Sure KM Will do that👍 🙏

Girish : Weaker populatuon better than girls and woman I feel……avoid gender.Let’s avoid gender please

Guru Poornima: We have the group already,Let me add you and Sandeep ji

Jayalaxmi Gowda: Please add me to the environment group as well Poornima.Thank you

Guru Poornima: Sure Jaya👍

Yogish: We can rename that group as ‘Environmental Working Group’

Guru Poornima: Yes, we shall add them sir

Harshiya Bhanu: <Media omitted>

Sowmya: Yes sir,we planted around 55 plants in our school campus,i allotted few students for every plant to look after them students are involving themselves well but we don’t have compound to maintain properly

We took help from forest department, they gave us plants to plant,they are ready to give some more plants but the problem is its maintainence without having school compound

Image attached

Rakesh Gowda: Gud work👍👌👍Where it is?

Sowmya: Ramanagara

Guru Poornima: 👍 👏 👏

Guru Poornima: But please protect them from animals by fixing tree guards Sowmya

Guru Poornima: Forest dept will provide …pl approach them

Sowmya: Students made fence to their plants but the village people are not protecting them.We are trying our level best madam

Guru Poornima: 👍

Kollegala Sharma:Image attached for Tyres and old drums used as tree guards. Idea of current Commissioner of Mysore,can be adapted

Guru Poornima: 👍 👏Creative

Leelavathi: Super

Yogish: Is it feasible to plant  ‘Adhatoda’ ( a medicinal plant) around the saplings to make sure that goat or animals don’t eat. Adhatoda (from adu meaning “goat,” and thoda meaning “not touch” because it’s so bitter even the goats won’t eat it.

+91 9 …..: Nice creativity using drum and tyres as tree guards

Kollegala Sharma:   good idea for engagement

+91 9 ……………: HO Mamadapur high school

Linnet D Silva: I liked the tree guards.

Sriramnagar Dharwad school is soon going to get decent flooring. That’s for nalikali class.

Yogish: Linnet madam, I guess you shared the picture of that classroom floor. Is it the same one getting decent flooring ?.

Girish Mudigere: Excellent news then.Teachers residence is an important factor for school growth but cannot be reason for non involvement.Few hours quality time can do wonders.Government is keen to introduce a course to change attitude of all of us to help schools…….we should provide solutions…. Can we?

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