20th Oct 2016

Coordinators Group:

Paramesha: Guys my friends Aunt is admitted in hospital for Dengue…. Do you know of anyone whose blood group is AB+?

Please respond… there may be a need tomorrow or the day after. Thank you,

Contact: Prasanna: 9…..

BSNL: ಸರ್…Date time please. From my respectful friend:

Please inform Pappaya leaves juice… it’s extremely good for Dengue

It will dramatically increase the white cells count

Doctors may not allow them to give it .. but it’ll save the patient 100% sure

We had to give it without telling doctors because they were denying and it helped patient

Paramesha: Ok

adma: Capril tablet also available in pharmacy

Sunitha: One more info pls chk is it useful or not


Core Group:

Srinivas: Bad news for banking sector.. …cyber attack on Icici bank , Sbi bank and Axis Bank…. Sbi had blocked 6 lakhs customer ATM cards ….. Check the news on Google ….. News came out before 2 hours

AxisBank faces a server hacking incident. EY to probe the issue following a tip off from kaspersky

AxisBank yet to figure out extent of server breach damage, if any


Guys who have Axis bank account please keep track of your transactions


BSNL: May be good news to review our Foundations

Raichur: Now whatsapp has a new feature u can write on a photograph select the camera button just near the voice record… When the camera is on select a photo from the gallery photos… select the pen symbol or the symbol on the top to edit or write anything on the photo. Try it now

Mudigere: Please visit schools and give photos…..no money needed


Evengelists Group:

Paramesha: Interested in learning about the Dragon Board 410c in drone building?

Join Open Hours now to hear from Keith Lee from Gumstix. He will talk about building a drone using the DB410c, and then we can take a look at his demo!

Join the call directly here: http://link.linaro.org/openhoursjoin

Follow the countdown here: www.96boards.org/openhours

We hope to see you there!

Your IoT Team .I am attending interested guys can join online now

+91 ……..: Its says unsupported URL

Paramesha: plz open through browser. I have joined already .you can design your own virtual circuit board. https://geppetto.gumstix.com

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