15th Pct 2016

Core Group:

Nagesh TK: https://youtu.be/DZ67ASPiYWo

Girish : 👍🙏

91 897 ….: IMG-20161015-WA0005.jpg (file attached)

Girish Mudigere: Our government schools are 5%. Happy……how to make 50%

‪+91 8 ….: 😄…it’s abt life

Kalgundi Naveen: Do you mean Govt schools lifeless!😊 😊

Girish Mudigere: Sorry….only schools here please

Siddappa Malavalli: Government schools are the basic foundation for many educateds those who are from villages,including myself…


Evengelists Group:

Kiran: <Media omitted>

Rajeev, Kodihalli school need our help in installing scratch on 6 more machines.. This time we shall automate the entire installation on Ubuntu, keep the installables in a dropbox folder including a shell script, and send them a simple steps which any teacher can follow. will call you tomorrow.

Girish Mudigere: 👍🙏

Yogish: Kiran, if its small file can you send me the file and steps to install ?. I have issues with pi . Looks like I need to reformat and re do the installation.

Kiran: yes Yogisha, you will have to refortmat (if you are lucky if SD card is intact 🙁 ) else you will have to go with new SD card

what I am asking Rajeev is Desktop installation on Ubuntu OS. it is different from Raspberry Pi

One of the best practice with managing SD card is keep an image on your laptop as well once you are done with most of the setup so that you can easily clone the SD card. you can google for how to clone SD card. I also learnt it hard way 🙁 after I dropped raspberry Pi once and SD card got the hit !

Hemanth Sharma: Scratch I am not sure but Ubuntu should be straight forward if usb drive available. It will directly boot from it. We can just provide a memory stick and setup bios to boot from it. I am not sure if I understood the requirements fully

Kiran: Hemanth they already have desktops with Ubuntu

Scratch installation is two step process on Ubuntu

‪+91 70 …….: No Ubuntu installation in Ubuntu and Raspberry pi are similar

Kiran, I am at home but I can write a script which does the scratch installation automatically for Ubuntu machines

‪+91 70 ………..: Can you let me know the version

Kiran: 14

‪+91 704 ….: Ok…great – I will do that

You will just need to run the script

Kiran: They don’t have Internet

‪+91 70 ………: Yeah you won’t need it

I will do it just like we did last time – I wrote the script last time as well

Kiran: Cool

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