10th Sept 2016

Mudigere:Whole team is helping me to avoid any messages other than improvementof GS. Once again any one of you asks to stop any other messages.Let’s adhere to our policy to keep focus only and onlyimprovement of GS

Sandeep -It is Padma Avaru by mistake agide post agirabohudu

Mudigere:Lets request Padma madam to avoid. Anyone here does not hesitate tohighlight and stop please. We as volunteers maintain huge adherenceto NO RELIGION OR POLITICS……However outside DS groups we have nosay

BSNL:Let’s introduce 5 languages in GS.KIDS EASILY LEARN

Girish Mudigere:We can go beyond Japan

Yogish : There should not be any boundary for our educational volunteering work, similar to Doctors without Borders. We should grow similar to Red Cross, especially in education sector.

Dr Murali:We should also have doctors across borders type entity from India.And NMMO has the potential to be the origin for such a beginning.

Girish Mudigere:Let’s cover all fields sir……slowly but firmly

Nowin Seminar arranged by Raghu Yadav sir

ChandraAcharya: Japan Railways runs a train for only one passenger sincethree years.

A high-schoolgirl takes the train from Kami-Shirataki station in the northernmostisland of Hokkaido, Japan and the same train drops her back fromschool.

She is theonly passenger to travel in the train and Japan Railways has made thedecision to run the train only for her.

Japangovernment was planning to shut the station down due to its remotelocation, until they noticed it being used by a school girl oneveryday basis, which is why they kept the train moving until shegraduates. Japan Railways even rescheduled the train according to herschool timings. The girl is supposedly going to graduate this March,after which the train service will be shut down permanently.

People aresaluting the Japan government for their step of keeping education astop priority and made a comment of Facebook post, which shows theCCTV footage, ‘Why should I not want to die for a country like thiswhen the government is ready to go an extra mile just for me. This isthe meaning of good governance penetrating right to the grassrootslevel. Every citizen matters. No Child left behind!’

BSNL: Whyexams…..teachers can easily identify needy kids. All kids shouldbecome fruitful citizens. Even not intelligent kids should survivehealthily. Can we abandon above exams. Change process of givingscholarships

Sharma: NoDelhi didn’t use either PPP or CSR govt fund is allocated 10 times aswell as NGO and education expert were taken for the task. Also verystrict check on fund utilization. Sharma: For now we first need tosee the gaps by visiting the schools and learning about theproblem… meanwhile providing smaller help…we should discuss ourlearning here and then make a proposal discuss again and finalize wehave all shareholders in this group. Finally propose an action planto govt.

Mudigere:Most of us at least me is v v ordinary person here……lets focus onimprovement of GS. I will try to inculcate in 40 schools aroundme.Policies etc. go tangential…..instead of reading andunderstanding lets believe policies are made to build society andutilize our valuable minutes towards GS growth through DS NMMOconcept or any similar
 Nagesh TK: ಮಾದರಿಕೆಲಸಸರ್, ಇಂತಹಕಾರ್ಯಗಾರಗಳು ಮಕ್ಕಳಿಗೆನಿಜವಾಗಿಯೂಪ್ರೇರಣೆ

Rajesh:Great!!! Are you available such sessions, if we arrange!!!

+9194……….‬: Good evening all I’m Devendrafrom Bangor malleshwaram BEO office…happy to join d group������‬‬‬‬‬‬

BSNL: Sirour view is to improve Government Schools…….can you give someideas. We are looking at solutions rather than problems

Yogish:https://youtu.be/MF-cLIAIFjQ.There are about 25000 students in thisinstitution. They prepare 50000 meals per day. Absolutely no dropoutin this school. I just watched this video in national geographicchannel. https://youtu.be/Scrvz4Mx-uo. This institution was startedjust with 125 students. Now it’s giving free education including 3times meal for 25000 students. Kudos to Dr Achyuta Samanta ����KISS – A home for 25000 studentswith quality education and with nutrition food

Mudigere:We should do in government schools

Edu andHealth Discussion:

Sharma:Welcome rakesh sir.

Gowda: Addpoornima madam too. Did u ask her?

Sharma:Will need her consent. : I will very much like her to. But I don’twant to disturb her

Sept 24Training:

Yogish: Ijust got a kindle version of the Simon Monk book ‘Programming theRaspberry Pi’. I am going to try one or two simple hardware projectswith Python programming. Python is very much is essential now in allthe company including the project that I am handling in cadence. Canwe upgrade the RAM in Pi .I had to manually set the audio to 1 fromits default 0 (automatic) to listen in my headphone instead of HDMI.It supposed to automatically detect the headphone

I am nowsuper excited to start Python programming and ready to go to Fryselectronics to buy few discrete components to start my hardwareprojects. My 10 years of hardware experience will be in real useagain along with Python and Pi. ��

Mudigere:Sure above will help our kids here to build their own computers tohelp the society. We should launch our global company DS NMMO. Or wealready launched ….now let’s grow to beat APPLE OR GOOGLE ORTATAS OR TOYOTAS in helping quality of life of billions of students(All of us are students)

Yogish: Weshould reach worldwide similar to Red Cross, but in Education. DSTeachers/volunteers without boundaries similar to doctors withoutboundaries’ true……sure this happen shortly……. Collectedblood sometimes with time gets wasted……but our education becomesmore fruitful with time!!!

Paramesha:Yogi please does record your work by lending your voice and post thesame in YouTube

Yogish: Ijust read only the 20% of the Simon’s book. I will record the videoonce I am doing real projects

Sharma: Ifit is pi3 and we are using Wi-Fi it might go beyond however book issaying this is enough …it is not going pi but your adapter ifsomeway need go beyond and you need to over clocking in yourexperiment

Sharma:700mA is less I believe

Yogish:700mA is the requirement as per the product manual. To be on saferside go for 1A or 2A USB adapter that you use to charge your cellphone. I am using 2A USB charger. Btw, Bluetooth keyboard is workingfor me, but it is not reliable. Every time I have reconnect wheneverI reboot the system. I have to reconnect

HemanthSharma: USB wireless can be used however

KollegalaSharma: I also finished 20% of Simons recipe��. Willbuy a pi after the workshop.

Kiran :Can this be configured like a server if we attach a 1TB memory? Withmultiple inputs and multiple outputs?

HemanthSharma: File sharing is possible as per cook book I believe it willbe good file server…but it has very less memory so I believe webserver may be difficult. My views Kiran sir to concur.

+91 7…….:Yes you can use as server but it will be slow ��thereis no free lunch in this materialistic world‬‬‬‬‬.DoGoogle search for Southampton university raspberry Pi Supercomputer‬‬‬‬‬. 64 Pi’ s are clusteredto get supercomputing speed!‬‬‬‬‬.‬‬‬‬

Yogish:Thank you Kiran for meeting minutes. My next door neighbor wasrunning Pi as server for Bitcoin mining. Now attending simplek12webinar where they give a demo how to use google tools in schools,very helpful for teachers

KollegalaSharma: Thanks Kiran. I was unable to get onto skype. I don’tknow why. But this helps.

Paramesha:Record if possible. If school has website then Google provides freeaccess to their educational products

GIRaviRaj: How can we create one for our pu college.Gururaj sir does itrequire license fee or some legal obligations? My college is inTumkur district Gubbi taluk…

Paramesha:No not required.sha: U call me Monday I will guide u .Is governmentor pvt college. ?

Yogish: Gotosimplek12.com/google/8-google-chrome-extensions-for-your-classroom.This is today’s webinar topic. Especially readability, grammarley,tab scissors, tab glue are very good extensions. There were series ofGoogle webinar for educators. I missed 3 because I could not get upat 7 am. I attended 3 webinars.

Paramesha:Who organized this webinars…?


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