How our education is tied up with IL&FS a bankrupt company

Please use the following e-mail id’s to ask questions on how our primary education is tied up with Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) a bankrupt company to run the government’s multi-crore primary education projects. Please use your Gmail or internet e-mail id instead of using your workplace e-mail id

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Dear Chief Secretary, Finance Secretary,

  We need to know how primary education is tied up with IL&FS a bankrupt company to run the multi-crore primary education projects. Who is part of the technical & financial evaluation team to shortlist these vendors & how this was happening within primary education.

What are all the data points they have evaluated & who are the qualified people evaluated this tender to shortlist, on what guarantee you are giving the project to debt loaded company? Is primary education board doing the charity to bankrupt IL &FS at the expense of poor government school children? How is that decision made? We are looking forward to understanding how this multi-crore government educational project is passed through all the levels of the bureaucracy against the public interest. We would like the CAG to intervene before making the decision and investing in government educational projects. How the FD has cleared the project fund by knowing the company background? We need more information or transparency from INS Prasad regarding the tender process and take full responsibility on this. We need quality vendors for our children education, not the bankrupt vendors. It is against the public interest and misuse of taxpayers money if the education board’s selection is based on self-interest or to safeguard vendor’s investment.

Can we please maintain the transparency regarding the selection or tender process involved while selecting the IL&FS by uploading the data in the government public domain for everyone know the process.

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