Create powerpoint presentation in google docs

Simple steps to create powerpoint presentation in google docs

Step 1: Login with your gmail id, at

Step 2: Once you login, you will have a workspace area to work with your documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Select ‘Slides’, which is below the ‘Google Docs’ menu


Step 3: Now click on ‘Start a new presentation’ or click on ‘+’

Start a Presentation Google Docs

Step 4: Now you have an empty presentation being created in your workspace. Give a name for the file ‘Demo’. Go to the slide area and enter Title as ‘Demo’ and Subtitle as ‘My First Demo’. Google will automatically saves your documents.

Title and Subtitle Google Docs

Step 5: You can goto the Slide-> Change theme… and change the presentation theme or background. There are lots of templates and themes available. For example I chose the theme ‘Material’


Step 6: You can go to Slide->Apply layout… and choose the layout to change the default layout of the slide.


Step 7: If you need to insert a shape, you can goto Insert->Shape->Shapes… menu item and select any shape. Once you select a shape, go to the slide and click left mouse button to insert the shape. Also you can change the color of the shape by selecting the color from the color palette.


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