Visit to My Government School in Kodikal

As part of my vacation to India and a mission to develop government schools, I spent few days visiting few rural Government elementary school in Mangalore and Bangalore. After 36 years, I had a chance to visit my homeschool that is located in a small town Kodikal in Mangalore district where I studied from 4th grade to 7th grade. The purpose of my school visit is to meet teachers and to know the reasons for poor quality of India’s primary and high school education. My plan is to start the development work from my homeschool where I got my primary education. Following key infrastructure that requires immediate attention were discussed with few teachers:

1. Students enrollment is slowly going down. Now the there are about 125 students from grade 1 to grade 8. Appears that teacher’s strength is good. There are about 9 teachers including headmaster teaching in this school.

2. Local children are enrolled into private school because private school is arranged a school bus (for free) for children to commute. I think this is one of the side effects of RTE act.

3. The new painting is required for all the building of the school.

4. School board looks very old. New board is required.

5. Removal of debris next to school compound.

6. The building is about 40+ years old. Remodeling has to be done.

Improvements that I noticed

1. Clean drinking water

2. Separate boys and girls toilets

3. New building for Anaganawadi – Donated by Kodikal Friends Circle

4. New office building – Donated by Karnataka bank

5. Nice compound wall

6. School is now surrounded by green trees, that made me so happy

7. Midday meal

8. Monthly vitamin supplement to students

9. Now school is accessible to physically challenged students

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